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What You Need to Know if You're Cheering for Runners – NBC Chicago

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As the 44th Annual Bank of America Chicago Marathon race day approaches, you don’t have to be an October 9 runner to start preparing.

You’re certainly not the only one planning to root for marathon runners on their 26.2-mile journey. But where should I line up to see my favorite runner on the course?

we’ve got you covered

Where can I see the runners on the Bank of America Chicago Marathon Course?

Chicago Marathon race advisors have warned that spectators will not be able to access the start and finish areas of the race, as they have for years. These areas are only accessible to attendees with an event-issued bib number, staff, and guests who have purchased a ticket.

To see the runners as close to the start of the race as possible, spectators can watch from Grand Avenue between Columbus Drive and State Street. Points along State Street between Grand Avenue and Jackson Boulevard also provide visibility. These areas are near Mile 1.

To see the runners closest to the finish line, check out the Bank of America Cheer Zone on Michigan Avenue and Roosevelt Road.

Runners and spectators should plan to meet at Grant Park after the race. There you’ll find the 27th Annual Mile Post-Race Party and Runners Reunion Area, which opens at 9:30 am.

Where’s the best place to cheer on the runners of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon?

Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle Cheer Zone – 8K

This Chia Zone is located near the 8K mark in Lincoln Park. It celebrates the Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle, a city race that marks the start of the outdoor running season and St. Patrick’s Day.

Bank of America Chicago 13.1 Cheer Zone – Miles 13.1

Spectators can gather at the halfway point of the marathon on the West Side. This zone is dedicated to Bank of America Chicago 13.1. His second race will take place on June 4, 2023.

Charity Block Party – Mile 15

The Charity Block Party gathers on Adams and Loomis streets near Whitney Young High School to celebrate the impact marathoners make through fundraising.

Bank of America Cheer Zone – Mile 26

Head to Michigan Avenue and Roosevelt Road and hear the roar of excitement as runners cross the finish line.

Where is the Bank of America Chicago Marathon course map?

Known for its flat, fast course, the first race starts and ends at Grant Park, with runners joining the Grand Tour of the city between journeys.

Along the 26.2-mile trek, runners cross 29 neighborhoods, dozens of historic landmarks, and six Chicago River bridges.

Please plan the rally route referring to the course map.

When does the Bank of America Chicago Marathon start and finish?

7:20 am: Men’s marathon wheelchair start

7:21 am: Women’s marathon wheelchair start

7:23 a.m.: Marathon handcycle start

7:30 AM: Wave 1 Start

8am: Start of wave 2

8:35 AM: Wave 3 Start

9:30am: Spectator entry to Grant Park opens

9:30am-4:00pm: Runners Reunion

9:30am-4:00pm: Party after the 27th Mile Race

Where is the meeting place after the race?

Marathon organizers encourage spectators to find runners at the 27 Mile Post Race Party and Runners Reunion Area in Grant Park.

This area will be open to spectators beginning at 9:30 AM and can be accessed through security and baggage screening at Jackson Drive and Michigan Avenue Entrance Gate #1 or Ida B. Wells Drive and Michigan Avenue Entrance Gate #4.

Since spectators will not have access to the race start and finish areas at Grant Park, organizers are suggesting that friends, family and fans support runners elsewhere on the course and meet in designated areas.

To see the runners closest to the finish line, arrive early and find a spot at the Bank of America Cheer Zone on Michigan Avenue and Roosevelt Road.

Which streets are closed during the Chicago Marathon?

Street closures and reroutes are in place as thousands of runners hit the streets of Chicago for the marathon.

For a complete list of Chicago street closures and reroutes, click here.

Will I be able to watch the Bank of America Chicago Marathon live?

Whether you’re watching the marathon from the course, from home, or on the go, you won’t miss a step.

NBC 5 Chicago, Telemundo Chicago and TeleXitos will offer full live TV coverage and live streaming of the marathon in both English and Spanish.

Live TV will air from 7am to 11am, with live streams available on and, NBC 5 and the Telemundo Chicago app, and on the station’s Roku and Apple TV channels starting at 7am. I can do it.until 3pm