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Ukraine Lviv Book Forum: Hay Festival Hybrid

The 29th Lviv Book Forum will take place next month in a digital partnership supported by Hay Festival and the British Council.

At the Lviv Book Forum.Image: Lviv Book Forum and Hay Festival

Porter Anderson, Editor-in-Chief | @Porter_Anderson

McMillan: “Welcome Candle Against Darkness”

aThe 29th Lviv Book Forum, conceived by the British Council and the Ukrainian Institute London, will be held as a hybrid event from 6 to 9 October, Hay Festival in the UK announced today (13 September day) was announced.

The Hay, partnering with Book Forum, makes its first appearance in a digital program expected to feature 40 authors and others in 15 presentations.

The physically produced Book Forum has traditionally been cited as the country’s largest festival of its kind, primarily a public event but created as part of a professional program for publishers and bookstores. it was done. Kyiv’s Book Arsenal Festival is another of his major festivals in this troubled country.

But in fact, like the proverbial chicken and egg, the industry-based non-profit Publishing Forum was registered in Ukraine in 1995 and since 2007 has been a forum for book publishers. We create professional event programs. The literary festival attracted about 25,000 people in 2000 and attracted its first international personalities in 2001, according to documents on the show’s development. In 2018 the Publishers Forum was renamed to Book Forum.

In addition to Hay Festival and the British Council, the October program has received support from the US Agency for International Development and media agency Zink Network.

Like the long-standing method of drawing public attention to Hay Festival productions, headliners are considered important.

  • Margaret Atwood
  • Neil Gaiman
  • Olena Styzhkina
  • Yuval Noah Harari
  • selhi prohi
  • Abdul Razak Gurna
  • Jaroslav Hryczak
  • Elif Shafak
  • Samar Yazbek
  • Philip Sands
  • Margaret Macmillan
  • Andriy Kulikov
  • Lydia Cacho

Hay Festival has an event page, where you can find more information about branded umbrellas for the ‘Ukrainian Seasons of Culture’ where the program is staged.

bright battlefield news

Leading the curation of this year’s Lviv Book Forum, Sophia Sheliak will open the previous edition in Ukraine.Image: Lviv Book Forum and Hay Festival

The timing of the announcement of the new cooperation between the Hay Festival and the Lviv Book Forum is auspicious, given that about five days of Ukrainian military campaigns yielded unexpectedly rapid results against Russian forces, analysts said.

“Putin’s war is an attack on democracy and freedom not only in Ukraine but around the world.”Margaret Atwood

In today’s report by Stephen Kalin and Bojan Pancevski, wall street journal, “Since it launched its offensive earlier this month, Ukraine has recaptured about 9,000 square kilometers (about 3,500 square miles) of territory from Moscow forces in the Kharkiv region, in what it says has dealt Russia its worst blow since its invasion.” During. This is more than her tenth of all territories Russia has acquired and maintained since the invasion. ”

Writing for Politico today, Lili Bayer, Hans von der Burchard and Clare Corcutt point out: It’s a touchy subject in many European capitals where the energy crisis and cost of living woes have been in the public eye over the past few weeks, prompting warnings of war fatigue.

“But the recent Ukrainian counterattack against Russia, at least for the time being, has changed the narrative and opened a new door for those who want European governments to step up their arms supply.”

Comments from book forum participants

Bogdan Rogvinenko and Olesya Yaremchuk, discussion at the Lviv Book Forum.Image: Lviv Book Forum and Hay Festival

Hay Festival has testimonials from many of the speakers participating in our upcoming Book Forum program.

For example, McMillan —Publishing Perspective Readers will recall that she chaired the Cundill History Prize in 2017. The Ukrainian invader seeks to annihilate its culture, rewrite its history and deny its identity. I am honored to add my voice to the fight for Ukraine’s independence, its own culture and its future. May there be more events and partnerships like this to remind us of our common humanity. ”

Atwood said, “Putin’s war is an attack on democracy and freedom, not just in Ukraine, but in the world. In participating in the Lviv Book Forum and Hay Festival programs, I am committed to helping Ukrainian writers and readers share their work.” May this arena of ideas and talent inspire more to raise their voices and share their gifts.”

“Ukrainians going forward with their wartime free speech celebration says a lot about what Ukrainians are fighting for,” said Oliver Barrow.

And Gaiman says: And Ukrainian readers.

Event for librarians at the Lviv Book Forum.Image: Lviv Book Forum and Hay Festival

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