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TV Review - ESPN Films' 'Fate of a Sport' Tells an Unprecedented Story in a Little-Known Sport

If you’re an ESPN+ subscriber, you’ve seen some great stories from the world of baseball, football, basketball, and several other sports. One of the sports he doesn’t see very often is lacrosse. fate of sportESPN Films’ new documentary, Paul Rabil, follows the effort to rebuild the sport of lacrosse from the ground up to make it a sport of the future for young athletes.

If we really classify the world of sports documentaries, we can usually divide them into two categories: those that tell stories on the field and those that tell stories off the field. ESPN has produced a great documentary that tells the story of Derek Jeter’s playing career and his incredible run for the Chicago Bulls in the ’90s, but the fight for equality in women’s sports and talk about women’s lives. Eccentric athletes like Dennis Rodman.

fate of sport Walk through the rows in both of these categories. Rabil was a professional lacrosse his player, but was plagued by unacceptable conditions offered by the league he worked for. So he decided to do better, not just for himself, but for all players who want a future in this sport. This document follows him and his brother, Mike Laville, as he launches an all-new professional his lacrosse league, building it from the ground up.

It’s a fascinating story to watch unfold. Starting a new professional sports league is difficult enough for anyone. Never mind the active players who are currently under contract with the leagues they compete with. Watching Rabil and his brother take all the steps to get the Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) started is like watching something special being created.

That’s not to say we haven’t seen anything like it before. Dozens of smaller sports leagues have been held in recent years. The difference here is that Vince McMahon didn’t play in a suit after starting his XFL. It was to be fair to the players, including himself, that Rabil wanted to create his new lacrosse league.

And there fate of sport It shifts gears and becomes the talk of the field. It’s interesting to watch as Rabil has to balance the stress of being the league’s commissioner yet one of his most famous players. So, in addition to the unique stories, we also have the classic story of an aging athlete accepting his inevitable retirement.

A documentary would certainly be more interesting if it focused on the founding of the league instead of the actual lacrosse. There are moments when I think It’s never too long, though, as it always pulls you back to see the big picture.

fate of sport It’s a very interesting sports story, with many layers of complexity, and it does it in a beautifully personal way. Viewers can really connect with Ravil over the course of the documentary.If you’ve been playing lacrosse your whole life and are wondering if ESPN Films is making a documentary about the brand of seltzer, don’t be a fan. is even leaves lacrosse fans with an exciting tease of what they might see in the future.

fate of sport It debuts on ESPN+ on August 29, makes its linear debut on ESPN on Thursday, September 15 at 7:00 PM, and airs on ABC on Sunday, September 18 at 1:00 PM, following the PLL Championship Game.