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Trump Attorney General Barr is a liar, a bully, a thug and says in a book he fired a US attorney.books

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Donald Trump’s second attorney general, William Barr, is an idiot, a liar, a bully and a thug, according to a scathing new book by Southern District of New York U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Berman. And Barr’s dismissal was highly controversial in Summer 2020 fashion.

“A few hours after Burr and I met,” Berman wrote. [Barr] I issued a press release announcing my resignation. It was a lie.

“National Supreme Law Enforcement Lies”

Trump’s politicization of the U.S. Justice Department has been a hot-button issue throughout his presidency. That doesn’t change because he claims persecution over multiple investigations of

Berman describes his own ordeal when Burr sought a more politically flexible occupant of the very powerful New York Post. The Guardian obtained a copy.

Berman testified before Congress shortly after his dismissal. He now writes: [his clashes with Barr over two and a half years] I’ve been interviewed and written about them. So far, there has been no direct explanation. “

Berman described clashes over issues including the indictment of former Trump fixer Michael Cohen and the Halkbank investigation into how Turkish bankers and government officials helped Tehran evade the Iran nuclear deal. ing.

Burr also served as Attorney General under George H.W. Bush. He has published his autobiography, One Damn Thing After Another: Memoirs of an Attorney General, in which he discusses his SDNY problems, but does not mention Berman. . Promoting the book, Burr told NBC that he “didn’t think much” of his former antagonist.

Berman calls it an “easily rebuttable lie.”

In Berman’s books, bars are always present. Regarding the Hulkbank case, Berman said that Trump’s proximity to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan meant that Berman relied on Berman to drop the charges, saying that he was “always trying to please his boss and follow Trump’s orders.” It appeared to be running,” he said.

Berman says Burr told him he would be a “point person” for Hulkbank’s administration, which Berman found “weird”.

“This is a running criminal case in New York, right? As Attorney General, Barr had a role to play. But why as a White House designated point person? That was the question.”

Berman says Burr tried to block SDNY to benefit Trump politically. In June 2019, he was summoned to a conference, where Burr told him the Hulkbank case “revolved in foreign policy” and asked that “his voice…has been steadily rising”: “Who do you think you are interfering with?”

he wrote: In fact, without Berman’s approval, he had used the same words as me a little over a year ago regarding the appointment of Berman’s lieutenant Audrey Strauss.

Berman adds: He wanted to beat me into submission. “

Berman turned down the bar. He also told Barr that any offer to offer the individuals in the Hulkbank case a no-prosecution agreement without disclosing the move would amount to “court fraud.”

After Trump and Erdogan broke down over the US withdrawal from Syria, the Hulkbank issue was finally lifted. But the animosity between Burr and Berman remained.

Berman also provides his version of the event in June 2020 when Burr summons him to a conference at New York City’s Pierre Hotel.

Berman first sharply puts aside Burr’s flamboyant travels, his apparent ambitions – Berman speculates that the Attorney General wanted to be Secretary of State in Trump’s second term – and that Berman ” The Right Scene calls it “from the HBO inheritance of the infamous secret meeting between Burr and Rupert Murdoch.”

Berman said he didn’t know why Barr wanted to see him, but it was because he was criticizing then-New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio over the application of Covid restrictions on religious services and protesting racism. I thought it might be because I refused to sign the attacking letter.Justice. Berman, he wrote, did not sign because he did not see any political action.

At Pierre, Barr, who didn’t wear a mask indoors with his chief of staff, said he “wanted to make a difference in the Southern District.” Given the change in location and moves affecting the investigation of Trump aides, including Roger Stone and Michael Flynn, we knew what was coming next.

Mr. Burman wrote that “Mr. Burr asked me to resign immediately so that he could be replaced by an outsider whom he trusted,” and the trial that appointed him provisionally. He added that he was confident he could be dismissed outside the government. 2018, or by confirmation of a successor by the Senate.

Berman declined the bar’s offer. He then says Mr. Barr made a “particularly cheesy” proposal. If Berman gets to run the Department of Justice’s civil affairs division, he said, “he could leverage that to make more money after he leaves the government.” Barr also asked if he had experience in civil litigation, Berman said. Burr then threatened to fire him.

Berman said, “I thought, ‘I thought this guy was a huge, terrible bully who was threatening my livelihood.'” He was unfazed. Barr said he is considering other jobs. After the meeting, Berman asked if he would like to head the Securities and Exchange Commission, Berman writes.Berman says the job ‘wasn’t [Barr’s] The SEC chairman was nominated by the president and confirmed by the Senate.

Berman says he has agreed to speak with Burr again after the weekend. Instead, that evening Burr issued a press release saying that Berman had agreed to resign.

“It was a lie. Plain and simple,” Berman wrote. “I have made it clear that I am not resigning. [was] Attorney General… Besides being honest, he should be smart. And this was really silly and a complete miscalculation on his part…he should have known at this point that I wasn’t going to go quietly. “

In his own press release, Berman said he hadn’t resigned. Berman then said in an open letter to what he now calls a “ridiculous critic” that he was fired by Trump.

Berman abandoned plans to represent a U.S. attorney to replace Berman, instead allowing Berman’s agent, Strauss, to succeed him. say away conscientiously. He calls the bar move “surrender.”

Both his belief that Berman was fired because his independence represented a “threat to Trump’s re-election” and Trump’s insistence to reporters that he did not fire Berman on the day of his dismissal. is explained.

“Burr’s attempt to get me out went so wrong that he and Trump couldn’t even straighten their story,” he wrote.