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Sugar and Spice: 10 Spicy TikTok Books

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TikTok pushes all kinds of books to bestseller lists. But have you ever fallen down the #spicybooktok rabbit hole? Even my local bookstore has a table dedicated to Spicy He TikTok books that readers crave. Given the way people code language on TikTok to circumvent censorship, using “seg” for “sex,” for example, “spicy” became the code word for sexually explicit language. That’s not all that surprising. Does that coding cause confusion? It certainly did for me. I spent some time looking for spicy TikTok books, and what I found was a wild one.

First, I was reminded that curating a collection of books, classifying them, and recommending them are all skill sets. But TikTok’s Randos? Ho boy. There were young adult books with no sexual content labeled as spicy, romances labeled as spicy that I thought were beyond totally chaste, and lots of more outlandish recommendations. Obviously, everyone has their own metrics when it comes to explicit content. Still, I think people who want a spicy TikTok book want a book with sex scenes taking up the bulk of the book. It was repetitive, not to mention overwhelmingly straight and white. There are books. There are quite a few kinks, taboos, menages and polyamory among these picks. Therefore, we apologize to all our customers. sand dunes There must be a fan there and the spice flowing.

Jade West Sugar Daddy

Talk about a provocative cover! Carl and Rick are lovers and Sugar places an ad on her Daddy’s website. Katie answers the ad, assuming it’s Little Her Miss Her Light they’re looking for. She can handle the company schedule, is spoiled, and her dad Opiumpropensity, but can she handle all the emotions this relationship gives her?

neighbors book cover

Katrina Jackson’s neighbor

in the meantime neighbor This is the second erotic accommodation book. Haven and Calvin move into a new town duplex where Tasha and Stephen are new neighbors. Soon Tasha and Haven discover an unmistakable spark between them. And their loving partners support their exploration. The great thing about this novel is that some of the characters have stress in their lives, financially, etc., but all the relationships are solid, loving, and not a source of anxiety.

The Lady of Luxgrove Manor Book Cover

Lady of Lukesgrave House Katherine Moon

I’m not going to lie. This book doesn’t have a lot of plot lines. What it does have is Esther, a Victorian woman who moves into a house with a bad reputation. This house is full of monsters of all kinds, including Invisible Man, Vampire, and Sphinx. Esther isn’t afraid of monsters. she is quite the opposite. Alexa, play “Monster Mash.”

push book cover

Push by Nyla K.

As a general rule, readers are urged to look for warnings about the content of these books. For example, this is not for those sensitive to infidelity. Because in this book, a father goes out with his daughter’s boyfriend. But it works! His wife also participated. Yes, it’s a taboo and forbidden romance, but it’s also a true journey of self-discovery for the characters.

heaven book cover

Rebecca Wetherspoon’s Haven

Haven Starting the Beads and Bondage series so you know what you’re looking for. Pair city girl Claudia with mountain guy Shep. In the action-packed start, Claudia escapes the killer and shows up at her Shep’s door. They agree to have sex for a week, not only to get over the trauma of recent events, but also to explore the chemistry they have. This is a series for

priest book cover

Priest of Sierra Simon

The forbidden hot priest romance is here free bag fan. I thank you for this book series for its honest struggle with the conflict within the boundaries of Catholicism between the desire to live a life of faith and being sexual. At the same time, the book is really there to describe some act that really shocks most people associated with the Church. This is because the two cannot remove the bell.

trapped book cover

Invited by Tiffany Roberts

What you need to know: This is a slow burn. Lots of world-building and political intrigue among aliens like spider centaurs? But if you’re interested in how the Ice Planet Barbarian series shocked TikTok, this is the next series is. Space colonist Ivy crash-lands on the planet of Ketan. When he wakes her from cryosleep, she fears she is about to be eaten by this giant spider centaur person. You may be able to guess where it is headed.

twisted love book cover

Twisted Love by Ana Huang

This spicy opening to the Twisted series is for readers who enjoy the possessiveness of fictional men. A lot of plays on TikTok because of that moody/sunshine. This romance follows Alex, who is forced to look after her best friend’s sister, Ava. They both have dark pasts, but find their way to each other through some suspenseful moments along the way.

your dad does book covers

Your dad does by Katie Robert

Katie Robert is well represented in spicy TikTok books because she really knows how to lean into the taboos people love to read about. It’s a book. Lily discovers that her fiancée is cheating on her. So she decided it was time to act on her fantasies that she had harbored over the years. It is to seduce her father. I could say more, but mostly flame emojis.

laundry days book cover

Laundry Days by Tanzania Glover

A good old friend and lover’s romance with plenty of spice is here. Darren and Sid formed a friendship while simultaneously using the building’s basement laundry room. It is a classic meat cute! (When I lived in a New York apartment with a laundry room in the basement, the only thing I encountered was a giant cockroach.

Enjoy these authentically spicy TikTok books! We provide a survey of TikTok romances and offer recommendations beyond popular TikTok books. If you’re looking for more spice, we have a great list of steamy romances. I’m sure it will enrich your life.