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Former Pennsylvania State University President Graham Spanier says he and late Pennsylvania State football coach Joe Paterno and two other university administrators covered up child abuse by former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky wrote a book claiming that he was falsely accused and unfairly punished for

“This book is an attempt to reveal the full truth about what happened ten years ago.” Spanier said in a telephone interview on Tuesday. “At Lion’s Den”

“This book is the first to give you the big picture and the truth about a situation, from someone in the middle of it.” He said.

After the Sandusky grand jury investigation leaked in late 2011, “sensational” Story collapsed due to uncritical media coverage of the cover-up “story” From prosecutors in the Attorney General’s Office, Gov. Tom Corbett, and ultimately former FBI Director Louis Freeh, who investigated the matter for the university, Spanier said.

“It has reached astronomical proportions.” Spanier said.

university board of trustees ‘I didn’t handle it well’ From the beginning, I didn’t allow Spanier “Get out there and set the record straight.” And canceling Paterno’s press conference, Spania said.

later, “It was very difficult for everyone to get the toothpaste back into the tube.” Spanier said.

Paterno died months after being fired shortly after the story became public, and was served a short prison term by university vice president Gary Schultz, athletic director Tim Curley, and finally Spanier. .

Spanier was found guilty of a single count of endangering the welfare of children for handling the initial report.

Sandusky’s story initially focused on revelations about a report made to Paterno in 2001 by Mike McKeely, a graduate assistant and former Penn State quarterback. It was that Sandusky was seen showering in the campus gym with his 10-year-old boy.

According to online sources, McKayley eventually testified in court that he saw Sandusky standing behind the boy, naked, with the boy’s hands pressed against the wall.

However, according to Spanier, university administrators received a less clear version of McQuarrie’s report.

“I heard from Tim Curley that the physical education staff were upset when they saw Jerry Sandusky playing with one of his children.” Spanier said. “I got it third or fourth hand.”

Had they known the details, Spanier said, the reaction would have been different.

“Joe Paterno, myself, and my colleagues in the administration were the kind of people who stepped in whenever there were reports of wrongdoing.” He said.

According to Spanier, Corbett was not neutral on the matter.

and “Semi-private setting” Before Sandusky’s story broke, Corbett saw Spanier in the elevator at a Penn State football game against Dan Honorato, Corbett’s Democratic opponent in the 2010 gubernatorial race. He told associates he wanted to oust Spanier from the Pennsylvania presidency. “Eyewitness testimony.”

Corbett erroneously concluded that Spanier supported the Democrats, Spanier said.

Indeed, as befits a university president, he was politically neutral, Spanier said.

But when Corbett became governor, “He encouraged the idea that I would lose my job.” Spanier said.

Corbett declined to reply to the accusations.

“I’m not going to comment on Graham Spanier.” The former governor said Tuesday when he was contacted at his office at Duquesne University. “I have never read his book.”

Prosecutors in the Attorney General’s Office were also not neutral. “bigger fish” Than Sandusky, according to Spania.

A member of the prosecution team countered that Tuesday.

“Graham Spanier was guilty of willful failure to protect children from serial rapes by Jerry Sandusky.” Randy Feathers, regional supervisor for the AG office agents who worked on Sandusky’s investigation, wrote: “It doesn’t matter what he says.”

free report “It took the story to a whole different level.” Spanier said.

his research ‘widely condemned’ Spanier’s book website states promotional material.

Freeh defended himself against these slurs in an email to Mirror.

“Regarding the accuracy and materiality of the Freeh Report and its recommendations, Judge George Michel, former U.S. Senator, Majority Leader and Federal Judge, has carefully reviewed the Freeh Report as an independent observer.” Free wrote. “Mitchell accepted all of the[report’s]recommendations, made no criticism of their content, procedures, or authors, and tasked PSU strictly with the full implementation of Judge Freeh’s recommendations.”

The power that came after him “Dehumanizing” According to Spania, they did not constitute a conspiracy.

instead of, “Decision Confluence” Based on what Corbett wants him to do, prosecutors aim big, trustees grope the matter, and the judicial system ‘It’s hard to do the right thing’ And the media reports without checking the truth, he said.

Most reporters try to get the story right, but in Sandusky’s case, Spanier says, there’s an incentive to jump to conclusions quickly and report sensationalism for the reporter who wants to be the first among his peers to get the news. had.

And once people come to a conclusion about the case, it’s hard to change their minds, he said.

The spanner said it wasn’t bitter.

“My biggest regret is that the university and all its students and alumni suffered so much.” He said. “I suffered collateral damage.”

So did Paterno, he said.

Paterno’s fall was steep and breathtakingly fast.

“You had the most respected coach ever.” Spanier said. “Maybe any sport.”

society “I like to put people on pedestals.” He said, “And knock them out.”

The Sandusky experience was a challenge, but Spanier “Thousands of alumni and people who care about Penn State have reached out to me with the most wonderful messages.” of support, he said.

Two months in 2021 at Center County Correctional Facility: “Absolutely terrifying — and absolutely educational” He said.

He was 73 at the time, had an ongoing case of cancer, had just recovered from heart surgery, and COVID-19 was raging, he said.

for the first time he experienced “What does it mean to be stripped of your identity and stripped of all your rights and privileges?” He said.

The first five days of solitary confinement were difficult. “People who say or act in a way that scares me” He said.

However, he decided to work on his experience as a sociologist and write about it.

He began engaging with fellow inmates and even serving “as their therapist” He said he sometimes writes letters for them.

From this experience he learned that there are many inmates who should not be in prison. “Problems rooted in mental and physical health” The problem, he said, was not for new crimes, but for mere violations of probation.

He has become an advocate for prison reform and is meeting with various officials to support him, he said.

Spanier doesn’t expect to make any money from the book. Because he paid to print the book. He travels almost entirely at his own expense to promote the book and answer questions about his experiences, he said.

it would be “miracle” If sales exceed all these costs, he said.

“(But) I might change my mind a little.” he said.

Miller Staff Writer William Kibler at 814-949-7038.

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