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Seahawks immediate reaction: Seattle Sports win over Wilsons Broncos

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For the first time in history, Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson were on the sidelines facing each other on Monday night.

Seahawks win as Broncos take ball out of Wilson’s hands | | Jenno Smith ruins Wilson’s return

Seattle defeated Wilson’s Denver Broncos, 17-16, in what was an epic Monday night battle. Instead of putting his new QB Cook in the final nail, the Broncos made the decision to attempt a potential game-winning 64-yard field goal with 20 seconds left. with this.

As does after each Seahawks game, we’ve collected the immediate reactions of Seattle Sports 710 AM’s voice. See below what they have to say. Here are just a few of this week’s stations, with Block and Soak starting at 6:00 a.m. and The Pete Carroll Show starting at 9:30 on Tuesday mornings.

Here’s what everyone has to say:

Stacy LostBump & Stacy (10am-2pm)

We all called out that Jenno Smith would be a better quarterback on Monday night, right?

If so, congratulations. But in the preseason, Smith couldn’t say he finished 23 of 28 games with his 195 yards and his two touchdowns. Smith was as efficient as Pete Carroll could hope for, going 17-of-18 for 164 yards in the first half. He stood tall in his pocket, spread the ball around (eight different players had at least two targets for him), and made a few more bold throws (keep driving In order for him to DK Metcalfe he included one; but Metcalf played next).

Can this Seahawks team make it to the playoffs? I don’t know yet. The rest of NFC West looked far from stellar in Week 1, with opponents in all three divisions suffering losses. The NFC’s premier Green Bay Packers didn’t look the same without Davante Adams’ ugly loss to the Vikings last year, and the NFC East’s favorite Cowboys are QB Duck. He will miss his Prescott for six weeks.

But even if the Seahawks didn’t prove they could be a playoff team in Week 1, they did at least prove one thing. And that’s the best result you can expect from a team with the biggest bet of the offseason.

What we’ll have to figure out is how well this defense will hold up against runs. Weapon, and there was a time when the Seahawks couldn’t stop him. But these wrinkles can always be worked out, so the more important questions about defense are:

Bob SteltonWyman & Bob (2pm-7pm)

Big win for the Seahawks! Denver came in as he’s 6 and he’s 1/2 point favorite, and the Hawks came out big in the game’s defining moment. The Broncos did a lot to beat themselves up (12 penalties for 108 yards and two turnovers), but the Hawks played a pretty solid game on both sides of the ball.

Geno Smith was very efficient. More importantly, he defended the ball and took away what the Broncos defense gave. Another standout was the O-line. With rookie tackles on both sides and backup guards, they did a great job in pass protection and provided Geno with clean his pockets for most of the night.

Defense is still very much a work in progress. They made some clutch plays in the red zone and, predictably, had some rookie moments as well. They were on the bend, but they didn’t break their defense tonight, giving up 433 total yards on 340 passes to Russell Wilson, but just one touchdown.except another There was a lot to be optimistic about Jamal Adams’ injury, some question marks on this defense.

All in all, a great win in a game far from the usual season opener.

Dave Wyman, Wyman & Bob

block hardBlock & Soak (6am-10am)

Nothing beats experience, and the Denver Broncos’ first-time head coach (Nathaniel Hackett) melted in the final minutes more than anyone else in the building. The Seahawks defended the football and won the turnover battle, making the red zone once again the action green zone for the Seahawks.

I can’t believe it was Seattle. can’t believe it. I had no idea this city would bring boos like it did when Russell Wilson returned. I never expected to see the team’s jumbotron focused all night long on hooting fans, their angry signs and his altered No. 3 jersey. It was unlike anything I’ve seen here in over 13 years.

And I loved it!

The crowd was amazing and the team did exactly what was needed. Jeno Smith played error-free football in the first half, capitalizing on chances. The defense has come up with a number of huge plays in their biggest moments. And with the game looming, the Broncos’ new cool, attacking head coach didn’t just turn conservative, he hid like a turtle in his shell. Mortgage a top-shelf quarterback’s entire future just to trust a kicker with a 64-yard field goal on the road instead of converting a 5? Is this real life?

Neither team knows where to go from here. The Seahawks have new confidence, but the Broncos have a lot of pressure on their shoulders. .

When Russ was traded, Seahawks president Jody Allen said, “We welcome the new players and look forward to everyone who is giving their best to win every day. Her team will certainly be fully involved tonight. was doing.

After that victory, it is undisputed and undeniable. The Seahawks won the trade.

They had a long-term draft pick to build into the future, but did they also beat Russell Wilson? It’s just the perfect cherry.

The game also revealed that it was the former quarterback who was holding this Seahawks team. It led to a touchdown drive, just one punt, and a 13-13 start for Geno Smith. That’s what the Seahawks have been emphasizing all along, and balanced football dominated the play in the first half. And that halftime lead could have looked even better without two dropped interceptions.

There are concerns on defense, especially since Jamal Adams was sidelined early in the second quarter and had to be forced out of the stadium with a knee injury. Growing pains are expected in the secondary, with the rookie’s two defensive backs gaining a decent amount of time, and both Kobe Bryant and Tariq his Woolen had “Welcome to the NFL” moments in this game. rice field. How quickly can these young cornerbacks get used to the speed and size of an NFL defender?

But there was an overwhelmingly positive side to our defense tonight. Uchenna Nwosu looks like he is one of the best free agent signings the Seahawks have acquired this offseason, and the defense has led the Broncos to zero touchdowns with his four reds in his zone chances. , allowing only six total points on those drives.

This team is young and there are still many unknowns, but all is well for the Seahawks from tonight onwards.

inspiring color. Oh my god, paint me action green!

Count me as one of those fans who didn’t expect the sentence “Jeno Smith beats Russell Wilson” to come out of broadcaster Joe Buck’s mouth late in the game. Nor did he expect the Seahawks to score early against the Broncos in a roaring Denver team and hold out until the final seconds of the game. How foolish to doubt QB Genno Smith, who hasn’t entered the season as a starter since Pharrell’s “Happy” became a number one song in America! never again!

Russell may have gained the control he wanted from Denver in a variety of ways, but he failed to control the running back fumbling on the goal line (twice), giving the Seahawks many first downs. You can’t control the defense because of that. With sloppy, undisciplined play. He also can’t control a very determined Pete Carroll’s football team that has nothing to lose and that might be the biggest point of this game. He can’t kick his goal on a 64-yard field.

The Seahawks shocked the world (again) on Monday Night Football. Geno Smith won, Pete Carroll won, defensive coordinator Clint Hart won, and the 12s won.

Russell Wilson may be in control, but the Seahawks are W.