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Reyes Canaan Recap, Season 2, Episode 5

In this game you often get depressed and dirty. For example, you may be tasked with removing an old rotting corpse that has been hidden in a wall for months. Raq killed Loudmouth many months ago. After stinking into the crack house, the team finally decides to get rid of his body. She and Kanan take an impromptu mother-son “camping trip” to the Catskill Mountains. Her travel goals are simple. It is to approach her son and remove the body. Raq left his Marvin with some simple instructions. Unfortunately for Raku, however, Saru’s men were two steps ahead of her. They keep an eye on the Thomas Stark family. Their plan for Raq’s journey is also very simple: distract Kanan and kill Raq. Luckily for Canaan, there are Italians who don’t kill children.

The theme of surveillance is neatly woven throughout Episode 5. Sal’s men are watching Luck, Detective Burke is secretly stalking him with Detective Howard near him, Marvin is spying on Toni, Marvin’s therapist is keeping a close eye on him, or Everyone is interested in what other people are doing, such as running a jukebox. Up to Jisa. Ultimately, you’ll find that if you spy, it’s better to be prepared for what you find.

After preparing the body for his sister, Marvin meets with his anger management counselor, Rene Timmons (Krystal Joy Brown), for breakfast. It is clear that a romantic relationship develops between the two. However, Timmons uses Marvin’s absence from the group sessions as an excuse to meet him privately. She threatens the judge to send him back to prison, but her threat is just a strategic tool to open up to Marvin, and it works. Without going into details, he admits his mistakes as a father and that his daughter has every right to be mad at him. With Raq out of town and Lou-Lou preoccupied with the studio, Marvin gets in a car that takes him to Toni. She upgraded her life with a designer shopping trip and a big house in the suburbs with her attractive husband in khakis and cardigans. Easily identifiable in his new neighborhood, the local police see him just as Marvin sees Toni. I’m not 100% sure what Marvin wants from Toni. Maybe revenge? Maybe he misses her? We’re sure this won’t be the last glimpse into the Boogie publicist’s life.

Detective Burke won’t let you try to solve the shooting case.and if you are a fan of power universe, you know all too well that her snooping will probably kill her or ruin her career (see Agents Greg Knox, Angela Valdes, Joe Proctor, Blanca Rodriguez, Cooper Sachs). She brings in Andrea, a paid sex worker who is a longtime customer of Howard’s, for questioning. Burke resorts to intimidating interrogation techniques to get Andrea to talk. Howard didn’t do much pillow talk after his session with Andrea, so not much information was shared at first. However, he was upset with her about finding out that she had a son, and Andrea relayed this information to Burke. It doesn’t take long for her to put two and two together to realize that Kanan is Howard’s son.

After learning that Andrea has a loose lip, Detective Howard cuts her off. Like his partner, he keeps a watch on himself. With Kanan on the mountain, Howard was unable to reach him successfully, so he stopped at the jukebox for answers. Loyal to both Canaan and his Aunt Raquel, Jukebox has no worries for him.

From trying to convince his uncles and clowns that he’s talented enough to make it in the music business, to mourning the loss of his girlfriend (and relationship with his father), Jukebox has it all. Her mother, unbeknownst to most of the family. After she heard a recording of her singing one of her songs, Juke showed up at her house only to find out that her uncle Lulu had given her song to Zisa. I was. A rejection from her uncle inspires a soulful performance of “Mary Don’t You Weep” at her mother’s church, leaving everyone speechless. What is the saying in most black churches that “that girl can do her sannnggg”.

On the way to the mountains, the car ride is awkward for Raku and Kanan. He doesn’t trust his mother, causing a rift in their relationship. Canaan decides to avoid her because she can’t easily convey her true feelings. To de-stress inside the car, Raku pulls out the ultimate mommy move and asks his son about his love life. Kanan shares that he’s kicking it with a young woman in a famous building. The two teens show equal interest in each other, but their attraction quickly causes problems due to their racial differences.

Before things go crazy, Raq and Kanan can bond over s’mores and alcohol. “I brought you here to talk to you. See how you… how you feel… about us… you and me and what we do Noticing his son’s reluctance to fully devote himself to the family business, this conversation (albeit a bit strange for a mother to talk to her son) makes Raq say to Kanan that You can give an agency to make their own choices.You can also reset the trust button and start over. “There are no secrets between us. No lies, no side jobs. We share everything,” she says. Canaan’s look tells him that he is wise enough to distrust her mother completely.

With Kanan all in, Raku tasks him with helping her bury Super’s body. However, he does not falter or show fear and gets his job done.

Sal’s men are still on a mission to kill Raku, but they end up dropping the ball, only to shoot each other. process. Raq is fully aware that if she kills both of Sal’s men, there will be a war, and war with the Italians is not what she wants, so she decides that a conversation with Sal will be impossible. Keep them alive, knowing it’s your number one priority. The drive back to Queens is as daunting as the ride, but not because of the distance between Lak and Kanan. Kanan says: It is better to keep your mouth closed and your eyes open. “