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Pending 'Entertainment', Better Prison Sites, Missed the Point, and Sex Preoccupations | Letter

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Pending ‘entertainment’ irritates patients

I had to make an appointment with one of my primary doctors. And of course I was put on hold while they tended to those in front of me.

It was the longest 6 minutes ever. Yes there was music for a while and she had a 2 minute ad about practice and then back to music. On TV, you can mute this crap until the movies come back, but in this case it went on and on.

When the sweet-voiced girl finally came to me and made the appointment, I asked her if most people seemed angry when she got the call. It was Jesus. I assured her that I had nothing to do with her (because she sounded like an angel on her phone) and then I called her and asked her if the practices experienced by their patients were Told you to listen to the crap.

I thanked her and wished her a good weekend.

Bill Richardson


West side is better for prison location

On September 5th, there was an article by DJ E-Clyps about the layout of the Allen County Jail.

Suddenly the current administration can see the southeastern part of the city. “Let’s build a new prison over there, no one cares.” Well, guess what, they do.

For the last ten years, we’ve only heard downtown, downtown, and so on. It’s all downtown and for whom did it have to be developed? Fat Pocket.

I can’t afford to live or visit downtown. And I don’t think many of the city’s eastern, southeastern, and northeastern residents can do that either.

Place that prison to the southwest or northwest. they pay more taxes. Let them enjoy the fruits of their labor. Also avoid the northeast quadrant.

KV Khan

Fort Wayne

no points

Diana Smith (Letters, Sept. 2) is seeking a list of Democrats receiving subsidies for college education. She missed the point completely.

Perhaps it would be different if she needed a list of Democrats booing about getting help and students getting loan forgiveness. It’s the Republicans who think it’s wrong to give

Jane Vandran

Fort Wayne

Sexual Abuse Concern for Most Students

There are articles in The Journal Gazette that sometimes make me wonder, “Did they really print?” See the September 4th article. It’s headlined “College Students Back to Campus Without Roe.”

The subject of the Associated Press article is that some young men and women who returned to college this fall were preoccupied with access to abortion rather than their academics, campus activities, or the direction of their lives. Your choice of school may be influenced by state abortion laws. Talks focused on students’ sexual behavior and the perception that viable access to abortion is no longer a method of contraception.

I hope this article helps millions who attend college seeking career choices, academic success, new friendships, and access to new ideas rather than seeking a sexual partner without on-demand abortion protection. I believe that it will bring disadvantages to students.

If intimate sexual relationships are affected by the restrictions on abortion, couples may be able to find other ways to express their love and compassion.

Mike McMillen

Fort Wayne