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“I’ve finally learned to be in control of my day,” Dermenjian said.

Another strategy – she plans things. Or, rather, plot her future behavior on an annual pie chart and business plan.

“Each New Year’s Day, I ask myself what I want to achieve in the coming year,” she said. “Since then, I’ve spent 22 years on family, real estate, volunteerism, mentoring, volunteering at my sons’ schools, Our Lady of Malibu, the Malibu Real Estate Association Board of Directors, and 22 years of chairing the Malibu Veterans Day Public Ceremony. Divide the time into pie charts.” She is also heavily involved with the local Armenian Society, where she has hosted events for over 100 individuals. , addresses the importance of health and wellness in an industry that is often a roller coaster of great success with periodic economic downturns.

Delmenzian’s strongest and most influential mentor? her mother, whom she characterizes as her “eternal role model, still from heaven.”

“My mother taught me to have a never-give-up attitude, no matter what the difficulties and challenges,” says Darmenzian.

“My mother relentlessly counted her blessings, was always grateful, and had a strong conviction. Her joy was always in helping and giving to her children, family friends, and church neighbors. , never forgot to be brave and positive.”

While Dermenjian runs the race of her life, she also runs one of her other passions, the marathon.

“The 2021 LA Marathon was one of my most memorable experiences,” she said. I wanted to be

But the night before the race, Dermenjian tripped over her kitchen dog and fell to her knees on the stone floor.

“I had to go to urgent care. It looked bleak.” The doctor told her, “Good news, bad news: nothing broke or fractured, but I have to put my feet up and cool my knees for the next three weeks, so the only way I can finish the marathon tomorrow is by car.”

Undaunted, Dermenjian entered the marathon. “Despite my disability, I completed the marathon, which shows that where there is a will, there is a way,” she said, adding that she wants to be a role model for her sons. Desire was the driving force that she couldn’t give up.

“Life always presents challenges and it is up to each individual to decide if they want to quit or if they want to do their best.”

Dermenjian’s message: Always adopt a winning or learning mindset because success is about learning, improving, and progressing every day.

When people get to know her, they find her to be hardworking and hardworking. Yet, she is also gifted with her ability to use humor in difficult situations, being persistent during negotiations and dealing with obstacles that can arise in a real estate transaction.

Another Dermenjian motto is to stay positive. Please do your best. make it happen.

She doesn’t try to be perfect. She just tries her best every day — it’s a mindset she reminds herself of every day. One of her most valuable traits is that after working in her business for her 28 years, she wakes up every morning grateful that she loves what she does. I am looking forward to it. Her client reviews are a testament to her commitment to her profession.

“Ani Dermenjian had a reputation for being an excellent real estate agent. In very difficult circumstances, she proved to be more than that – her tireless efforts and 25 years of our The final result in selling the house was outstanding. She far exceeded anything we could reasonably expect in every aspect of the job,” said one grateful client. “Not only was she extremely competent and professionally excellent, she overcame the worst obstacles with compassion. She surprised us as much as she benefited us. Annie was a godsend.”