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Oklahoma-Nebraska: Can the Huskers' new coach make an impact?

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No. 6 Oklahoma go to lincoln Nebraska This Week’s “Big Noon Kickoff” Matchup (Noon ET on FOX and FOX Sports apps).

The game has some interesting stories surrounding it and features one of the oldest rivalries in the sport.

Oklahoma native RJ Young, host of The Number One College Football Show, put together a matchup with special guest Jeff Schwartz.

Oklahoma vs. Nebraska: Keys to the Game

RJ Young joins Jeff Schwartz as he analyzes the matchup between the Oklahoma Sooners and the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

What impact will Mickey Joseph have on Nebraska?

Joseph, who was the Huskers’ quarterback from 1988 to 1991, moved from receiver coach to interim head coach after the school fired Scott Frost following a 45-42 loss to Georgia Southern, which dropped the Huskers to 1-2. was promoted to

Can Joseph bring a new spirit to the Huskers’ offense? Schwartz said it’s something he’d like to see.

“Nebraska needed new energy,” he said. “They needed a new voice in the room. They swallowed it willingly. [Frost] I think the acquisition is the right thing to do — they have enough money, so it doesn’t matter to them.”

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Schwartz noted that the uncertainty in gauging what Joseph will do and how Nebraska players will react to him adds an element of intrigue to the game.

“You never know what Nebraska will be like this weekend, which makes this game even more exciting,” he said. “……What [the Huskers] Missing Scott Frost? They could go in two directions. They can inspire themselves, play on skis, or just be bad at it. It’s also possible that we’ll see this burst in the first quarter and then get back to where we were.

“So to me, that’s the most fascinating part of the game. What’s Nebraska without Scott Frost?”

Joseph says offensive coordinator Mark Whipple will call plays, but he’s shuffled some roles on the coaching staff.

Another interesting point, Young said, is that Joseph plans to give his players more hitting in practice because tackling is an issue.

“It’s been one of the true Achilles heels of this team,” he said. “They couldn’t get people to the ground.”

Can Oklahoma launch an attack?

The Sooners scored 78 points in their first two games, but that’s no sign of trouble. However, in Week 2 against Kent State, he ended up winning 33-3 after a nearly scoreless first half.

With Oklahoma moving at such a fast pace and not holding the ball (the Sooners rank next to last among the FBS teams in possession time), a similarly slow start against Nebraska would pose a problem. may occur.

“If they don’t go to Lincoln, Nebraska and get on top of Nebraska right away, they’re just holding the ball,” Young said. Authority ball? “

But that’s easier said than done, and Schwartz cautioned that the Huskers shouldn’t be expected to be in that position.

“Nebraska can have all the game plans they want to slow things down, run the football, and speed things up,” he said. If we allow two touchdowns in Oklahoma’s first two drives, and we’re now 14-0 down, that pace will pick up a little bit.

Interview with Oklahoma coach Brent Venables

Interview with Oklahoma coach Brent Venables

Oklahoma coach Brent Venables talks about the Sooners’ strong start to the season and the impact offensive coordinator Jeff Levy has had on the offense.

After all, is Nebraska in a good position to pull off an upset?

Ultimately, neither Young nor Schwartz said they expected Nebraska, a 10.5-point underdog according to FOX Bet, to beat Oklahoma, even when playing at home under a new coach. did not.

“I would be shocked if the schooner didn’t cut through Nebraska like an international harvester in a high-yielding cornfield,” said Young.

In addition to Oklahoma-Nebraska, the pair also broke up BYU-Oregon, Miami-Texas A&M and Pennsylvania-Auburn.

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