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National Business Capital Secures $11M to Support Sneaker Retailer's Entrepreneurial Growth

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Long Island, New York, September 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — National Business Capital, a leading fintech marketplace offering small business loans and competitive financing options, has combined $11 million Funds to support entrepreneurs looking to take their business to the next level

Our client, an apparel wholesaler, supplies many of the clothes and shoes you wear today to major retailers, but cash flow constraints from rapid growth make it difficult to buy inventory quickly enough. I could not do it.

The supply chain issues that have plagued businesses since the pandemic are still evident today. All business owners struggle to find the materials they need to meet the demands of their customers, especially those in retail distribution.

Coming across a product vendor has become a needle in the haystack situation. Anyone who finds it must place an order immediately or else risk losing out to another business in the industry, and for entrepreneurs to remain competitive and win their business, they must have access to capital. becomes very important.

With growth on the horizon, they needed access to significant amounts of capital to increase their purchasing power and meet customer demand. They reached out to their banks, realized they were growing too fast for their lending capacity, and came to National for a financing solution to help them continue to grow.

National responded quickly by working with their current bank and working with them to secure another bank. $7 million revolving line of credit, and additional $4 million term loan. Thanks to the collaboration, the client has also been able to continue working with the bank without any potential disruptions to their day-to-day operations.

Now, with the new facilities in place, our clients are able to achieve new levels of purchasing power. This allows us to meet client demand, prevent new revenue opportunities from being missed, and more importantly, support continued growth in the apparel industry.

National team including CEO Joe CumberatoThanks to , we were able to finally complete the transaction. “Fundraising of this magnitude is not easy to achieve, especially in the current economic climate, and this transaction has been made possible thanks to our longstanding financing relationship,” said Camberat. “There is a reason he has over 75 lenders on the platform. Getting approval is not the only goal. Finding the right lender to support growth is key.”

“I would like to commend my team. Longstanding partnerships with lenders really shine here, but having a team of experienced financial professionals to support the transaction is more than a success factor. I did,” Kamberato continues.

At National, we have a great deal of respect for entrepreneurs who thrive despite difficult times.Our clients have survived the pandemic and their respective lockdowns successfully and are now able to thrive $11 million in the capital.

“Business is built on relationships, and in a rapidly shifting economy, financing relationships are one of the most important. Working with the team is more important than ever, and without all the right people at the table and working together, this deal would not have happened,” Kamberato stresses.

National Business Capital helps entrepreneurs secure fast and fair financing to save time and drive sustainable growth.

The company’s stress-free online platform is designed for simplicity and speed, helping business owners go from application to approval in hours. While we remain a leader in the fintech industry, our clients agree that our personalized service and award-winning team set us apart.

From SBA loans to lines of credit to equipment financing and more, business owners can access all of the various financing programs available in one place.Helped keep clients safe through streamlined processes $2 billion More importantly, they have helped entrepreneurs save tons of time and grow faster.

Secured by National $2 billion Since 2007, we have raised competitive capital through over 25,000 transactions. Their mission to “Drive Growth for All” is evident in all of their work, from partners and clients to team members. Innovative technology and a talented team of his members combine to create a business financing machine. It aims to constantly evolve and improve client-centric processes. Entrepreneurs have friends, allies and funding partners at National, regardless of the economic circumstances around them.

About National Business Capital

National Business Capital is a leading fintech finance company, small business loans For SMEs looking for growth capital. National Business Capital uses innovative technology and the power of smart people to streamline the approval process and billion dollars So far in financing for small business owners. Its expert business financing advisor works within his marketplace of over 75 lenders to ensure easy access to the best low interest SBA loans, short and long term loans, and business lines of credit. We make his small business loans one at a time to strengthen our communities. For every deal we fund, we donate 10 meals to Feeding America!

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