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My Favorite Nature Book – The Daily Evergreen

If you’re interested in wildlife, look no further than your next book.

Isabelle Bush

Nator’s watao, common garter snake, wild lupine and pioneer violet are all native to the Palouse.

I’d like to start with a controversial statement. A book is like a movie.

My point is that despite the thousands of them out there, we rarely find anything truly enjoyable.

Unlike many science books, with a dry black-and-white tone that bores readers after a single page, each book explores wild topics through engaging storytelling. I want more.

A good place to start isanimal dialogue, a collection of wild tales written by Craig Childs. Each story focuses on encounters with different species, such as being stalked by a cougar or saving a raccoon with pizza. Childs’ writing chapter provides the perfect break between classes.

Bernd Heinrich’s musings are fascinating, whether you’ve taken an ethology class or not. Of his nature-centric books, my favorite title israven’s heartIt explores bird behavior and the evidence that supports their amazing levels of intelligence.

If you are interested in aquatic life, see Sy Montgomery’soctopus soulexamines octopus intelligence, personality, and the impact of these traits on consciousness in other species.

Another interesting ocean-based read is “eel book” It may sound a little harsh, but eels are nothing.they are It is one of the little known and often overlooked species. Patrik Svensson does an excellent job of presenting countless mysteries and keeping readers engaged.

Research into plant intelligence is also gaining popularity. If you think trees are static, immutable organisms, think again. In his book “hidden life of treesPeter Wohlleben delves into how trees interact, nurture their offspring and remember past events such as drought.

wouldn’t famous”Sand County YearbookAldo Leopold’s story of the interrelationships between plants and animals, and how humans are responsible for protecting and maintaining ecosystems, is an excellent resource for anyone entering the field or interested in nature in general. Must read.

I just finished it, and the essays near the end incorporate a much more philosophical perspective on nature conservation not often found in most other non-fiction nature books.

Given the species and spaces in need of protection, it can be counterproductive to relaxing, so to lighten the mood, author Bill Bryson turns to. his book “walk in the woods‘ is one of my favorite re-reads when I need a hearty laugh. A master of comedy, the Appalachian His true story adventures along his trail will have you laughing out loud. It’s always fun to run away.

Some of these titles are available on Bookie. Bookie lets you relax and try book chapters before you buy. Flip a few pages if the title interests you. A book never surprises me when I least expect to enjoy it. The bookie’s small nature section has plenty of other options if you want to continue your search. But be careful: nature books can get you hooked!