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Mayfield downplays the loss and looks forward to the "next 16 games."arts & entertainment

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — After the Carolina Panthers’ 26-24 season-opening loss to the Cleveland Browns, Baker Mayfield wasn’t upset, he was disappointed.

Mayfield missed what was dubbed the “Baker Bowl” on Sunday – his final shot at revenge against the team that made him the #1 overall draft pick in 2018 came early this offseason. to the curb and upheld his subsequent suspension. Star Deshawn Watson.

Mayfield said, “Everyone brought this to the Super Bowl, but we still have 16 games to go, even though everyone is trying to make it.” It’s early September, and there were a lot of expectations, but we’re going to wash this off, learn from it, and improve.”

The Cleveland celebrations weren’t so silly.

Browns executive vice president JW Johnson called Mayfield out on Twitter after the game, writing, “YES! HUGE TEAM WIN!! 1-0 #Browns. Locker was off the leash.” I wrote.

Browns defensive end Myles Garrett said something similar after the game. The comment “take off the lead” is a reference to the slogan Mayfield used on his T-shirt, a licensed limited edition that his camp put out last week.

Mayfield pointed out to himself that the offense got off to a slow start.

Carolina managed just 13 yards in their first five possessions to dig a 14-0 hole. Mayfield was the problem as he bobbled his snap with a shotgun, threw the ball over his line of scrimmage, delayed the game his penalty, and threw an interception that led to the Browns’ first touchdown. could not be resolved.

Still, he rallied the Panthers, who were down 13 points in the fourth quarter, and after leading a 64-yard drive, put his team in position for the win, bringing in a 34-yard field goal by Eddie Pinheiro to give Carolina a 1-0 lead. Time remaining in game: 13.

Rookie Cade York’s 58-yard field goal with eight seconds left ruined the effort.

Mayfield finished the game 16 of 27 for 235 yards with one touchdown pass and one interception. He also ran for a 7-yard touchdown.

“I was disappointed with how it started,” Mayfield said. “Obviously, there were a lot of mistakes made by the offense. They were self-inflicted mistakes. These are but they are fixable and that’s a good thing.

Panthers head coach Matt Rule said he liked what he saw from the new quarterback after his slow start.

“He, like the rest of our attack, was on the mend,” Ruhl said. “A lot of little things got in the way in the first half. We played a lot of third-and-longs and weren’t a good half.”

Mayfield said the tapes should be studied to see if the Panthers felt they had gotten too conservative on their final drive.

After scoring a touchdown on back-to-back possessions in the fourth quarter, the Panthers moved to the Cleveland 14 with 1:27 remaining. However, Mayfield missed a shotgun snap on first down and had to jump for a loose ball, bringing his team down.

The Panthers then ran Christian McCaffrey twice to lose a yard before settling for a field goal.

Rule said Mayfield had the option of Lumpus on those plays, but chose to pass the ball.

“They were playing downhill for safety and managing the ball at the RPO,” Mayfield said. I don’t know.

He then added, “But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with getting the ball into the hands of the best players.”

After the game, Mayfield was stranded on the field and congratulated his former Browns teammates, including Garrett, who had two of Cleveland’s four sacks. I never spoke to coach Kevin Stefanski.

“He fought like crazy,” Stefanski said of Mayfield. “He is as he always was.”