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Look Book Coming to KCON

Photo: DeSean McClinton-Holland

Wendy Lee
Sales Associate, Staten Island

What do you think of the KCON Tour?
It’s where a bunch of smaller, newer groups—what we call “newcomers”—gather and perform. At those shows, people camp out for him the week before the concert.

Was the crowd more relaxed too?
Oh, kinder. When I went to see Aespa, I was terrified and scared of how much people were pushing. One of my friends was wearing high heels so she could see better, but she fell and people were stepping on her ankles.

Do you have a favorite artist?
Yes, it’s blackpink. And my prejudice is Jisoo.

have you seen them?
I have a concert in November. I already bought the costume, but they just announced ticket prices, the most expensive one is $1,200. . High fives are first, simple one-on-one interactions with each member. And the send-off is the last, when they’re done. You go to the waiting room and say goodbye.

Abigail Sea

Student, Bergenfield, NJ


Nursing Home Worker, Rosedale

grandson chia mother

Student, Staten Island

what are you doing after this?

This is insane, but I actually won the raffle and have a video call from P1Harmony at 6am with my prejudices. ultimate bias.

Jeramie Sorbino

Visual Merchandiser, Newark, New Jersey

thursday glena

cashier, co-op

Please tell me about the hat.

Sanrio Cinnamoroll hat. Don’t be offended, but people who don’t know Sanrio live under a rock.

Deyanira Aponte

Elementary school teacher, Yonkers

jen dun

Coffeehouse Supervisor, Auckland Gardens

Emma Fisher

Telehealth Operations Manager, Columbus, Ohio

Naim Harris Jr.

Fashion Salesperson, Newark, NJ

What time did you get here today?

The doors opened at 6:30pm, so I got there at 1:30 to get as close to the stage as possible. But it’s nothing. I stood in line for 15 hours when I saw BTS.

Diana Garcia

Teacher’s Assistant, East Elmhurst

Carmen Gross

Student, Washington DC

Tyler Chow

Waiter, Cleveland, Ohio

Did you come all the way from Ohio for this?

Hooray. I’m off work and traveling with my friend Emma for two weeks just to see her K-pop show. I don’t want to say I’m obsessed with it, but it’s probably something I can talk to the most people about. . Or I don’t even know where to start to know how.

Judian Seaver

Student, Pelham Bay

Athena Campbell

student, Catskill

Eva Mesa

art restorer, harlem

Jake Balmeri

Songwriter, Staten Island

Azaria Drewery

Student, Somerset, NJ

how did you choose the clothes?

I was just shopping on AliExpress and was looking for different things I could do together.Before I got into K-pop, I wore basic colors like black and white. But now my closet is just pink.

Alyssa Landry

Student, Fall River, Massachusetts

Photo provider Deshawn McClinton-Holland

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