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Kreamer Feed celebrates its 75th

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KREAMER — The owner of the Kreamer feed threw a party for current and former employees and the community on Saturday to celebrate the company’s 75th anniversary.

Among the 260 attendees was Romayne Kline, who has worked for nearly 50 years at a company that manufactures bulk feed for commercial farms.

Middleburg’s daughter, Lana Klein, said when she and her mother sat under a large tent and relatives Silas Robinson and Quinn Robinson enjoyed grilled barbecue chicken on the grounds near the factory, “they has included her in all these events,” said the company’s owner.

With attractions such as horseback riding, bounce houses, games, face painting and ice cream, Saturday’s bash was one of the company’s larger events celebrating its 75th anniversary, including Pennsylvania Secretary of Agriculture Russell Redding. It was attended by US Congressman Fred Keller of Creamer, Glenn “GT” Thompson of Clearfield and Bob Garrett, President and CEO of the Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce.

William Robinson, who for several years led the company founded by his father, George W. Robinson in 1947, said that it takes “good employees, a great family and good leadership” to keep the family business alive for nearly 80 years. Told. Third generation Jason Robinson.

William Robinson contracts with farms in Pennsylvania to raise live poultry and is actively involved in the business of operating a subsidiary, BJE Poultry, where he serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors of both companies.

Another part of the company’s success, according to William Robinson, is $135 million in annual sales, $6.6 million in salaries to support 130 employees, and $22 million in mostly local corn purchases. The key is financial responsibility.

Thompson admits that the Kreamer Feed’s lifespan is surprisingly anomalous.

“Most family businesses don’t last more than one generation,” he said, adding that the Robinsons have built a “legacy” that benefits the community and the farm.

Kreamer Feed president Jason Robinson said as a college student he didn’t believe the company had lasting power, even though it had already been in operation for 40 years at that point.

“I didn’t understand the business,” he said of the company that started as Kreamer Feed Store, which sold chicken feed, dog food, fresh eggs and 35-cent bottles of Pepsi. “The whole family played a role in bringing us here.”

Company owners also include founder George Robinson’s son Edward Robinson (Vice Chairman of the Board) and daughter Julie Robinson Erickson (Board Treasurer).

The creamer feed started out as a single creamer plant and has continued to expand in the Snyder County municipality over the years, but William Robinson said the company’s officials have moved to a Midwest farm to keep shipping costs down for West Coast customers. We are considering adding a facility for

A roadblock to that expansion is finding the right facility capable of adhering to the strict standards for Creamer Feed, which includes offering certified organic and GMO-free products.

While formal greetings were given by company officials and guests, the children enjoyed the activities and roamed the grounds.

Former employee Jason Chubb, his wife Holly, and their children Gabe, Jonah and Scarlett attended the celebration and enjoyed horseback riding.

“Obviously, this is a very family-oriented company,” said Holly Chubb.