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Is entertainment eating up social media?

Social media and entertainment started out in black and white, but platforms like TikTok are blurring the lines…

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From report to report, we have obtained data for both of the following: Facebook When Instagram I have a problem with maintaining users and that’s all tick tockThe problem is that most reports just give results and don’t really delve into the reasons behind the numbers. It may be an online social universe for now, but TikTok is really an entertainment platform.

entertainment is not social

Everyone lumps TikTok into the same social platform category as Facebook and Instagram, but it’s really apples and oranges. Visit Facebook and Instagram to see family updates, reconnect with friends, and make new friends. However, TikTok is a different animal. It’s all about keeping you entertained and has little to do with your social world.

This is where things get interesting. meta (who owns Facebook and IG) can’t seem to tell the difference. The result is a frenzy of making both platforms look like his TikTok, tweaking algorithms to bring more of what users think they’ll love to their feeds. But with all the non-functioning accounts, users who really want social interaction are turned off as a result, and users who want to be entertained go to TikTok because it’s better.

Whether or not to IG

Recently, my Instagram account was hacked and I am completely out of control. All the remedies IG had in place to get my account back didn’t work because I couldn’t log into my account and I didn’t officially have one.

Whoever hacked it started adding posts that clearly weren’t mine, and I got enough complaints to the point that my account was closed (no, “the Beatles used auto-tune” is out of my mind). did not float). I thought about making a new one, but decided against it. what’s the point? IG may not be over, but it peaked a few years ago, so it’s time to move on instead of going through the slogan of starting over.

I’m just a tiny spoke in the IG wheel in that I’m far from a power user, but apparently, like me, looking for something to take my mind off of the world instead of getting involved in what it isn’t I seem to have a lot of people-real friends I haven’t been in contact with since high school.

Meta Lands a Feint

Meta looks at the data and knows there is a problem. As this excellent article points out, the last time Facebook provided performance numbers was in 2016. This was the last time they reported official statistics, and it speaks for itself. Instead, they provide daily and monthly user numbers, but they do not show how much each user consumes. Hmm. It doesn’t matter if it’s 1 minute or 30 minutes, it’s definitely different than it used to be.

There are plenty of alternatives to Facebook, and more and more TikTok is cutting into the platform’s attention market share. IG is currently following that trend.

All online platforms have a lifespan and some (vine) shorter than others (my space). Trying to make Facebook and Instagram different from what they are now will only hasten their demise. An online social universe of interaction may be behind us. We are in the entertainment world now.

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