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International Supply Chain Organization Releases Leadership Book

Jim Tompkins When Michael Hughes release insightful leadership upon August 29, 2022.

Raleigh, North Carolina, September 15, 2022 /PR Newswire/ — Jim TompkinsFounder and Chairman of Tompkins Ventures LLC, Co-Founder and Co-Author of Tompkins Leadership LLC Michael Hughes We’ve released a new book that provides a systematic way for leaders to navigate the constant turmoil and position their companies to achieve true competitive advantage.

Insightful Leadership: Riding the Waves of Organizational Excellence (BrightRay Publishing) is available on Amazon as a soft cover or e-book.

“Leaders can no longer tame disruption. Instead, insightful leadership must welcome repeated waves of disruption to stay ahead of the competition. is accelerating.”
Jim Tompkins

Jim Tompkins Internationally recognized as a thought leader in end-to-end supply chains, as well as a partnership/consulting firm that helps executives solve their five biggest problems: capital, facilities, logistics and supply chain. He is also the founder and chairman of Tompkins Ventures LLC. He provides leadership and a competitive edge. Tompkins is also a global executive who deploys Insightful his leadership to help great bosses and great companies become great.He co-founded Tompkins, a search and leadership development firm. He is also president and chairman. Purdue University Started 15 businesses that produced an industrial engineering PhD or above $2 billion Globally profitable during his 50-year career. Has written or contributed to 31 books (his four on leadership). He has given over 2,000 conferences and keynotes. He has been CEO of 10 companies.Co-author and former journalist Michael Hughes He is Vice President of Communications and Publishing for Tompkins Ventures LLC. Previously, he was Editor-in-Chief of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE).

of Insightful Leadership: Riding the Waves to Organizational Excellence, Tompkins explains how COVID-19, digital innovation, geopolitical and financial crises have accelerated history into a world where disruption is the new normal. Tompkins’ solutions lie in continuous business adaptation and innovation. In short, visionary leaders must continuously reinvent their organizations to achieve true growth and progress. Leaders must position their companies so that they can catch the wave, navigate it when it breaks, use their insight into how the wave progresses, and harness the power to ride it into the future. insightful leadership Giving entrepreneurs and leaders choice. In short, actionable insights for building resilience and turning disruption into innovation opportunity.

Jim Tompkins is a thought leader who has often been able to see the future. Conversations with Jim were always about what’s next and what’s next. Supply He has worked with Jim on topics such as chains, robotics, technology, e-commerce and unichannel. Now Jim has unlocked the power to see the future on the topic of leadership. His book on Insightful Leadership is profound, practical, and a user’s guide to turning chaos into competitive advantage. Thank you Jim, this is a book I will read again and again. “
Shekhar NatarajanEVP, CSCO/CEO (Airterra), American Eagle Outfitters Inc., San Francisco

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