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In Louisiana, running is more than a competition

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In Louisiana, running is more than a competition. [225]

Baton Rouge is It’s a town of runners and one of the sport’s most dedicated disciples is Keirin Ricard.

A longtime fitness enthusiast, Ricardo got into running after meeting her future husband, Kenny Ricardo. Kenny Ricardo is an avid runner and the founder of Black Her Men Her Run Baton Her Rouge Her Chapter. The two met at the YMCA’s ExxonMobil chapter in 2018, and it wasn’t long before Kenny invited Kaylin on the run. They took the Harding Boulevard flyover to Southern University. This trail is a favorite among runners known as the “Hump”.

“I had to learn how to find my own pace,” says Kaylin. “I was used to sprinting, but I had to learn how to run longer distances.”

In no time, she was hooked. It has fulfilled her long-standing desire to push herself and cultivated a love of training for a specific challenge: road racing. He has recently completed about 60 running competitions, including a triathlon.

The Ricardos, who got engaged at the 2019 Crescent City Connection Bridge Run, have been training hard together. The duo routinely run along LSU’s lakes and Mississippi River embankments or over humps.

Keirin Ricard

Runners like Ricardo take advantage of a local running scene that has grown significantly over the past two decades, says Pat Fellowes. His Fresh His Junkie Racing owns or produces over 30 of his races in Baton Rouge and across the country. Louisiana Marathon. According to the 2019 State of Running report by the International Institute for Race Medicine, the growth of running in Baton Rouge follows a global trend that has seen his race participation increase by more than 50% over the past decade. Additionally, some Capital Region running clubs host social events following group runs to keep runners motivated.

“It’s a big part of the quality of life here,” he says.

On Saturday mornings, Ricard runs with a group of friends loosely named the Saturday Sensations. Kenny, on the other hand, regularly runs with his fellow Black his men members of his run.

“It’s a fun way to meet and socialize,” Ricard says, but it’s also a way to work out and motivate each other.

This article was originally published in the September 2022 issue. 225 magazine.