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How food industry entrepreneurs found success in business and life

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By all accounts, Brian Littlefield has been an incredibly successful entrepreneur. First he is the owner and co-founder of Origin Labs, and now he is the innovative Chief Product Officer of JOCKO FUEL. His thoughtful formulas disrupt the incredible industry in the nutritional supplement and functional food industry with a mission to help people of all fitness levels achieve healthier, happier lives. connected to the product.


What does it take to become an authority on bold new approaches in his field? As Littlefield explains, his path hasn’t always been linear, but hard work, perseverance, and dedication have made him You’ve written your own true success story.

After returning from Ohio to his home state of Maine, Littlefield worked with friend and now business partner Pete Roberts to help grow Origin USA, a national clothing manufacturer. Littlefield rapidly expanded to more than 100 retail accounts with her nationwide, and in just over a year he grew the workforce from her seven to more than 40, while also becoming the company’s first chief operating officer. became. At the same time, Littlefield and Roberts partnered to create a new division of the company, his Origin Labs. This later he becomes JOCKO FUEL.

Like a true scientist, Littlefield has built a winning formula through formal business education and a deep understanding of nutritional supplements. When the brand established a new identity, Littlefield and U.S. Navy SEAL Jocco his Willink partnered to formulate the next round of innovative products. So Littlefield’s role shifted from operating and growing to spending more time in the lab. In other words, we took a calculated risk to bring a new product to market.

Today Littlefield is free to do what he loves best. It’s about creating and innovating in ways that raise the bar for the industry, empowering consumers to choose new, healthier alternatives to traditional market standards.

“Early on, I had the full experience of being an entrepreneur. As the operational manager of a team of less than 10 people, from creating books to delivering packages to the post office, I had a deep understanding of all aspects of the business. – It’s beautiful,” says Littlefield. “I was able to learn the inside and outside of business.”

“We’ve come a long way since then. We now have nearly 50 products that I have developed and launched from the ground up,” explains Littlefield. “It was fun. I won a lot in the early stages and learned a lot in the early stages from all stages of the process.”

The journey was not without its share of losses. Because most of his business knowledge (and all of his product development knowledge) was either self-taught or learned through trial and error and research, Littlefield calls setbacks “paying tuition.” This is his way of looking positively at the obstacles he encounters along the way, seeing mistakes not as failures but as learning opportunities outside the traditional textbook.

“I got my degree in business and jumped right into action when I opened my supplement store, and I learned a lot of lessons starting from the bottom up,” says Littlefield. “On the formulation side, product development and manufacturing has all been an experiential knowledge. I’m a geek, so it comes down to countless hours of personal research.”

Since its inception, Littlefield and JOCKO FUEL have achieved many important goals, growing not only as a nutritional supplement company, but as a thought leader with consumers seeking products that improve their lives. We’ve reached new audiences through social media, podcasts, and YouTube, building an impressive following and a strong community along the way.

Littlefield is quick to point out that any entrepreneur can achieve similar results if they’re really willing to put in the work.

“If you have a good idea, don’t be afraid to take risks,” says Littlefield. “Most entrepreneurs don’t find success by dipping their toes in the water. You have to dive headfirst. You have to go all out.”

Littlefield is well aware of taking calculated risks as a way to make dreams come true. During Origin Labs’ first few months, the company needed to raise capital quickly. Convinced he could realize his vision of growing a world-class supplement brand, Littlefield went to the bank and took out a mortgage on his home, which he had already paid off. It was an incredible risk, but Littlefield had no hesitation in making the decision again.

“People used to say I was crazy, but that’s one thing they have to realize they can’t do, and they can make excuses or make it happen,” Littlefield said. Says, “Whatever it takes to get the financial freedom or the freedom you want, whether it’s raising money from friends and family, taking out a mortgage, or selling the dream car you’ve saved up for 15 years to buy. Opportunities are always there, to be a business owner or entrepreneur you have to make sacrifices, you have to bet on yourself.

As an entrepreneur, business owner and product developer, Brian Littlefield has built a reputation for innovation and thoughtful achievements. And recently, he’s taken on a uniquely inspiring new role: his father. His daughter motivates him to continue reaching new heights.

“My career has been very lucrative, fulfilling, and personally challenging,” says Littlefield. “Most importantly, it gave her the opportunity to get off to a head start like never before, and that alone makes it all worth it.”