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How CSU Athletic is using $5 million in donations for women's sports

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A $5 million donation to be used for women’s sports at Colorado State University was allocated to improve facilities for nearly all women’s sports on campus.

While CSU’s new soccer and softball complex will have the most visible impact on fans, other parts of the donated project are aimed at improving facilities across the sport.

The gift, through the Bohemian Foundation, was described by CSU as “the largest gift dedicated solely to women’s athletics in the history of Mountain West.”

CSU Athletic Director Joe Parker takes a look at how the funds will be spent and how the related projects will be spent.

New Soccer/Softball Complex

Plans for the new soccer/softball complex were first announced in 2019, but when COVID-19 struck, the project was sidelined along with other campus capital projects. Plans for that have been reinstated, but the costs involved have now climbed from what Parker says is an $8 million he’s a $10 million project.