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Hosted by Mane Entertainment "Categories are... Silky Nutmeg Ganache Realness!" | | Social Justice

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The contents are “category is … silky nutmeg ganache realness”. Photo via Mane Entertainment.

Mane Entertainment hosted Silky Nutmeg Ganache at “Category is … Silky Nutmeg Ganache Realness” on September 9th at St. Robert Auditorium. Her arrival was her first on-campus celebrity performance in three years. Ganache is an internationally renowned Drag Her Queen, an alum of “RuPaul’s Drag Her Race” and has her Ph.D. Candidate and former college recruiter. Although she tours around the world, she prefers to interact with young students on college campuses.

At 6pm, the students arrived an hour early to avoid the rain and secure a pick-up location. Remi Feldman recalls that she saw Ganache perform years ago on television and stood in line with her friends as she answered 20 questions. “Dragspace is influenced by very old drugs,” she said. [the drag queens] often very thin and white, [Silky] “F— that. This is my drag and I’m here to show it off. If you don’t like it, I don’t care,” said Feldman. “I love that energy [on stage]you know she’s having fun.

Mane Entertainment encourages students to get involved in drag, inspiring Andrew Simpson, Senior Major in Music and Psychology and Marketing Manager at Mane Entertainment, to debut the drag persona Mila Mila. “My face took two hours. And it took me another hour to get all my clothes on,” Simpson said. I was looking at myself — I wasn’t recognizing myself.Besides, it’s really uncomfortable, but worth every moment of it.”

At 7:30 p.m., wearing a bejeweled blue fringe jumpsuit, long black hair, and silver strappy heeled sandals, Ganache gave the audience a thunderous applause, but the mic wasn’t working. “We’re going to get this mic and this music right because you guys deserve it,” Ganache said. She scrimmages humor and pageants with her three microphones in her class. Then, after re-introducing herself to her audience, she began the Whitney Houston setlist.

Following the set, Ganache shared life advice in a personal Q&A. Ganache explained, “When you’re talented, you show that you’re talented. Over the years, I’ve had talent doing a lot of things.” “I had talent as a college recruiter. I had talent when I was in lawn service. I used to have talent. I’m a natural talent.” .”

She talked about her journey to drag and the aftermath of competing in “RuPaul’s Drag Race” twice.

Ganache emphasized advice by recalling his academic experiences, encouraging his students to delve deeper into their talents. In college, Ganache first studied his Pre-med, but when he was in his sophomore year, he realized he didn’t want to be a doctor at 50. Questions were asked by his attending students, but Ganache asked his own. “Do you have narrow dreams or do you explore? I want you to understand that as a college student, now is the time to explore,” she explained.

After the show, the first nine students in line with the makeup contest winners gathered to meet Ganache. Simpson didn’t win the contest and had planned to get out of drugs, but was called to the stage. It started where it started,” Simpson said. [myself]it was so transformative.