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Former R. Kelly business manager Derell McDavid was acquitted of all counts.

Over two days on the witness stand, Derrel McDavid, on behalf of singer R. Kelly’s star client R. Kelly, who faced allegations of sexually abusing an underage girl in the early 2000s, was “in business.” He reiterated that he hired “the best” people.

Kelly’s all-star legal team, led by legendary attorney Ed Genson, won Kelly’s acquittal in the singer’s 2008 child porn trial.Brown bolstered his defense with an elaborate and costly cover-up plan.

On Wednesday, as Judge Harry D. Leinenweber read out a string of acquittals on four counts against him, McDavid leaped from his seat, thrust his arms into the air, and threw his lawyer, Vadim Grosman, in a bear hug. Wrapped. .

Derell McDavid (middle) grabs the shoulders of attorneys Beau Brindley (left) and Nadim Glozman in the lobby of Dirksen Federal Courthouse in Chicago Wednesday.

Tyler Paciak LaRiviere/Sun-Times

That sentiment was in stark contrast to the relaxed demeanor that influenced the 61-year-old accountant during his five weeks in federal court. McDavid faces charges of helping orchestrate a decades-long cover-up of Kelly’s sexual abuse of minors, and Brown was acquitted Wednesday of a single count he also faced at trial.

Kelly was convicted on six of the 13 counts he faced, including making child pornography.

“I loved Mr. Jenson. I loved all my lawyers, I loved all my friends,” McDavid told the phalanx on camera in the lobby of Dirksen Federal Courthouse after the sentencing. He is the heir.”

Although he passed away in 2020, Jenson was a key figure in McDavid’s defense. Noh convinced Kelly that his claim that he filmed him having sex with a 14-year-old girl was just the latest in a string of false allegations during Kelly’s peak. Kelly’s stardom in the first half. Margolis and Palladino also died.

McDavid pointed out that the girl in question and teenage Kelly considered herself a “goddaughter.” Her parents all vehemently denied the charges against police, a grand jury, and her lawyer. However, she cooperated with her federal investigation that began in 2019, and she is now 37, and this time she was the main witness against Kelly.

On the stand, McDavid said the artist took on Kelly as a client and made millions of dollars before embarking on a meteoric rise that included performances at the Grammy Awards and the Olympics.

At the time of Kelly’s trial in 2008, McDavid admitted that he believed his friend and client Kelly, but what he learned in the years after breaking up with Starr was that he He admitted on the stand that he had left him “embarrassed.” He wouldn’t say if he thought Kelly was guilty.

Milton “June” Brown appeared Wednesday in Dirksen federal court after being acquitted of all charges in his trial with singer R. Kelly in Chicago.

Milton “June” Brown appeared Wednesday in Dirksen federal court after being acquitted of all charges in his trial with singer R. Kelly in Chicago.

contribution: David Strett, Emmanuel Camarillo