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Fantasy Football's Waverwire, Week 2 Picks: Top Players To Add Include Jaylen Warren, Jarvis Landry

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Developing a fantasy football lineup that can be expected to go deep into the postseason is a season-long process, and working with fantasy football waiverwire is an important part of building a deep roster. Running back David Montgomery entered the year as Chicago’s presumed number one running back with 3,732 scrimmage yards and 24 touchdowns in his first season. However, he dominated the workload in Week 1 with his 20-10 win over Khalil Herbert, but Herbert looked like the more effective back, and in the second half of the win over the 49ers liked

So should we rush to demand exemption from Herbert’s fantasy football and give up on Montgomery, or should we take a wait-and-see approach in the Chicago backfield? Knowing exactly how much fantasy football free agency is worth is crucial, and a little help can ensure winning fantasy football strategies. Be sure to check the opinion of SportsLine Fantasy Football Analyst Jacob Gibbs before deciding.

Gibbs uses a data-driven approach to help provide consistently accurate rankings across all positions. According to the Fantasy Pros, he has proven himself to be one of the country’s most accurate fantasy his rankers in recent years, recording his eighth-most accurate results in the past three seasons.

Now, he’s revealed his top waiver wire pick among the widely available fantasy football free agents entering Week 2.

Week 2’s Top Fantasy Football Waver Wire Picks

Gibbs advises Fantasy players to target the waiver wire for Week 2. The Steelers are running back Jaylen Warren, who is only enrolled in his 10% of the CBS Sports Fantasy League. Nagy Harris claims he expects to face the Patriots after he injured his leg in the season opener against the Bengals and had a negative x-ray. However, you can expect Pittsburgh to be relatively cautious with his piece of what is probably the most important offense.

Harris led the NFL with 381 touches in his rookie season, and the Steelers, who have suddenly regained confidence, want to make sure he’s healthy long-term. So if Harris were absent or restricted, Warren would be behind the Pittsburgh conspiracy. The Oklahoma State player played his 23 offensive snaps in Week 1 and could score his double-digit touches against New England even if Harris could play.

Gibbs also highly recommends Saints wide receiver Jarvis Landry. He’s currently enrolled in his 44% of the CBS Sports League, and Gibbs doesn’t mind using up to 20% of his agency’s budget for free. Landry was a surprise star in Week 1, with 114 yards where he caught seven of his nine targets. Four of his catches moved the chain, and two he traveled over 30 yards.

It’s a very encouraging start for a veteran who had the same mindset as Jameis Winston against Atlanta. However, Week 2 will be a tough matchup against the Buccaneers. So while he may not be an instant fantasy starter, Landry at least looks like a receiver we’d like to put on the bench and see if he can stay in production.

How to set up exemption wire billing for the second week

Gibbs is also all-in on an amazing wide receiver that gives him a big upside. This player is widely available and could be a huge boost to fantasy football lineups.

So which players should we target with fantasy football waiver wires before Week 2? And what receivers should we add? Visit SportsLine now to enter Week 2 Check out the best league winning fantasy football free agent. These are all from proven fantasy football analysts.