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DraftKings (NASDAQ:DKNG), Caesars Entertainment (NASDAQ:CZR) – Life's tough for the Detroit Lions: the team makes big bets after appearing on the show, but what does history tell us?

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The Detroit Lions finished the 2021 NFL season with the NFL’s second-worst 3-13-1 record. While many don’t expect the Lions to be one of the most betting teams heading into his 2022 NFL season, the Lions are a team to watch in the NFL Hard Knocks. Influenced by something, it attracts bets in many categories.

What happened: The Lions were selected to feature in “Hard Knocks,” an award-winning documentary-type series that follows one of the NFL teams during the offseason through training camp and preseason.

The show will air on HBO and HBO Max. warner bros discovery WBDMoreThe show featured a head coach Dan Campbell Entering 2022 as my second year leading the Lions, Aidan Hutchinsonis the Lions’ top rookie and the second overall draft pick in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Both Hutchinson and Campbell are getting a lot of attention from bettors ahead of the 2022 NFL season.

“The 2022 Detroit Lions are going to be a team with potential and potential,” Campbell said during the “Hard Knock” finale.

History of Hard Knock: As Benzinga previously reported, an appearance in ‘Hard Knock’ doesn’t mean the team will improve next season.

The NFL highlighted that 11 of the last 13 teams featured in Hard Knocks had better or similar records than the previous season. This includes the Cleveland Browns, who featured in the 2018 version with a 0-16 to 7-8-1 record after being featured on the Hard Knocks.

Here are the performances of all teams featured: Numbers in parentheses are from the previous season.

• 2001 Baltimore Ravens: 10-6, playoff berth (12-4, Super Bowl winner)

• 2002 Dallas Cowboys: 5-11 (5-11)

• 2007 Kansas City Chiefs: 4-12 (9-7, playoff berth)

• 2008 Dallas Cowboys: 9-7 (13-3, playoff berth)

• 2009 Cincinnati Bengals: 10-6, playoff berth (4-11-1)

• 2010 New York Jets: 11-5, playoff berth (9-7)

• 2012 Miami Dolphins: 7-9 (6-10)

• 2013 Cincinnati Bengals: 11-5, playoff berth (10-6, playoff berth)

• 2014 Atlanta Falcons: 6-10 (4-12)

• 2015 Houston Texans: 9-7, Playoff berth (9-7, Playoff berth)

• 2016 Los Angeles Rams: 4-12 (7-9)

• 2017 Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 5-11 (9-7)

• 2018 Cleveland Browns: 7-8-1 (0-16)

• 2019 Oakland Raiders: 7-9 (4-12)

• 2020 Los Angeles Chargers: 7-9 (5-11)

• 2020 Los Angeles Rams: 10-6, playoff berth (9-7)

• 2021 Dallas Cowboys: 12-5, playoff spot (6-10)

• 2021 Indianapolis Colts (inseason series, not preseason): 9-8 (11-5, playoff berth)

The record shows why the NFL highlighted the final 13 teams to appear on the show. The first four teams featured either had fewer or the same number of wins from the previous season. This is because the show featured three playoff teams in its first four seasons.

Of the 17 teams featured, 9 improved their win percentage after being featured on Hard Knocks, 2 remained unchanged, and 6 decreased their win percentage. He averaged 0.59 wins over all 17 teams. Excluding the first four teams in the spotlight, the average number of wins won was 1.46.

The four teams featured on the show have made the playoffs after missing them previously, but these teams have gone 9-7, 9-7, 6-10, and 4-11-1 in previous seasons. I had the record.

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Lions betting odds increase: The appearance of Lions in Hard Knocks has brought the team to the attention of bettors.

Campbell is one of the frontrunners to win Coach of the Year at odds of +1600. Draft Kings Co., Ltd. DKNG.

Prior to “Hard Knock,” Campbell was already up his odds for Coach of the Year. Many sportsbooks have reported a significant increase in bets on the Lions head coach.

A joint venture from BetMGM entain When MGM Resorts International MGMreported earlier this year that Campbell was the most popular Coach of the Year bettor, at 30.7% of all bets. was BetMGM’s largest liability, accounting for 73% of all bets on Coach of the Year.

The last Lions coach to win Coach of the Year was Wayne Fontes in 1991 with a 12-4 record. George Wilson He also won an award as a coach of the Lions in 1957 with an 8-4 record.

Since 1990, coaches have had to have at least 10 wins to receive the award. Bruce Aryans After taking over as interim coach of the Indianapolis Colts, he went 9-3.

The Lions would need at least 9-10 wins for Campbell to be considered strong. The Lions have a record of 17-46-2 over the last four seasons. The last time the team made it to the NFL playoffs was in the 2016 season, and he hasn’t won a playoff matchup since 1991.

and caesars entertainment CZRHutchinson ranks as the favorite to win this year’s Defensive Rookie of the Year at odds of +450. is likely to become Add in multiple appearances and focus on his family in ‘Hard Knock’, and bettors are now in favor of the story and his strong play in preseason and training camp.

What’s next: The Lions will begin the 2022 NFL season with a home matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, Sept. 11. .

The Lions finished 3-13-1 last season, but were 11-6 to the spread, according to data from Caesars shared with Benzinga. It was the best performance by a team with three or fewer wins in the past 35 seasons, and the 2001 Lions went 8-7-1 against the spread and he went 2-14 overall.

The Lions’ over/under for the 2022 NFL season was listed as 6 wins by many sportsbooks, but is now up to 6.5 by many sportsbooks. The Lions could be a strong betting pick to improve heading into the 2021 season, but history shows that a “hard knock” doesn’t always translate into rebounding his performance.

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