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Director of Sports Photography, University of Arizona: Mike Christie

When it comes to football, many consider coaches, players, cheerleaders and bands to be the key members that make the game exciting and fun. However, the others on stage and behind the scenes help to immortalize the game and capture moments that people might want to look back on after graduation.Michael, Director of Sports Photography for the Arizona Athletics Division “Mike” Christie knows exactly how.

“Football game days are probably one of the busiest and longest days for our photography department,” says Christy.

The day usually starts with a Costco run.

“[I’m] Have water, grab some snacks, and usually arrive in that room 3-4 hours before kickoff to start setting up the table, assigning seating positions for the photographers to sit and edit, and make sure there is space. , to ensure that the roster is sufficient. Cards are available,” Christie said.

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Christy graduated from Cienega High School in the Vail School District in 2006, and began looking at photography as a hobby. He initially applied to the University of Arizona’s School of Fine Arts, but was rejected and decided to pursue a career in business instead. Christy was a photo editor. Daily Wildcat During the Fall 2008 semester, I pursued journalism at school and took several journalism and photography classes.

Headshot of Mike Christy, director of sports photography for the Arizona Athletics division.  (Courtesy Arizona Athletics)

Headshot of Mike Christy, director of sports photography for the Arizona Athletics division. (Courtesy Arizona Athletics)

Once you’ve got everything set up for the match, Christy will detail the photo shoots you’ll need on match day.

“The most necessary element is to document the best sports action, peak moments, and the history of the game for posterity and history. Beyond that, we want to document that scene,” Christie said. I got

Christy finds answers to the questions, “What’s the atmosphere like in the stadium?” When thinking about where to take pictures.

“We kind of divide and conquer. [sports information director] The team goes for photo shoots of live game action, and we have the ability to send photos directly from the camera to a Wi-Fi hotspot in our pocket,” says Christy.

Christy eventually Daily Wildcat Went to the 2011 NCAA Tournament when the University of Arizona reached the Elite Eight.

Hours before kickoff, he and the team fanned out to assess the situation.

“What’s the chase situation like? Where are the fans having fun? Are the teams trying to get to the Wildcat Walk?” “Someone could be on the stands and shoot it down, or someone could be next to a fan reaching out for a high five or covering it.”

Christy Arizona Daily Star After graduating, I was hired full-time as a staff photographer. He worked with them for seven years until his Arizona Athletics photo coordinator position began in 2019.

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Christy collects the extra photos needed to capture the complete experience, keeping in mind whether the team wins or loses.

“We’re going to have a wide net in the week leading up to the game where all departments will ask, ‘Is there anything that needs to be photographed?'” he said. .

He called it a privilege to record the history of the exercise program.

“In our approach to photography, we always aim to answer the question, ‘What was it like when the hole-filling happened?'” says Christy. “The Arizona Athletics picture doesn’t start and end with me.

The University of Arizona’s first home game will be against Mississippi State University on September 10th.

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