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Commander defense not thinking about shortcomings in 2021 entering season opener

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Ashburn, Va. — In blackjack, players have the opportunity to double down after the first hand is dealt. By doing so, he creates a chance to increase the value of your original stake by 100%.

However, doubling down carries significant risks. If the dealer wins the hand, that player loses twice his original bet.

When it comes to football, the Washington Commanders have doubled their defense over the past year. Ten of the 11 starters are back in the fold this season. Almost all of the team’s offseason additions on that side of the ball have been depth related.

How that plan of action will work for Washington remains to be seen. The commander’s defense entered 2021 with very high hopes, but Jacquedell’s Rio force was disappointing overall. Last year Washington ranked him 27th in the defense DVOA rating. In 2020, the same group saw him finish 3rd in his DVOA and finish in the top 5 in many other statistical categories.

Washington hopes to leapfrog as a franchise in 2022, the third year under Ron Rivera at the helm. The defense has to play more like the 2020 group than last year’s version if the club is going to do so.

But with the 2022 season opener just days away, Del Rio and his group aren’t thinking twice about last year’s shortcomings.

“For me, looking back at last year, I don’t think it draws a lot of conclusions, whether it’s from them or from us.” It’s a new year, new opportunities. I look forward to getting started.”

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Washington’s Week 1 opponent, the Jacksonville Jaguars, got a facelift this offseason. The team hired a new coach named Doug Pederson and spent his over $100 million in free agency in March of this year as a bond in an attempt to get out of the mess Urban Meyer left behind.

Washington doesn’t know exactly what the Jaguars will look like on Sunday, but Del Rio is confident in his group nonetheless.

“That’s the great thing about these opening day matchups. There’s a lot of unknowns and a lot of unscouted things that happen,” Del Rio said. Trust what you know.Play fast and move on to the next play.That’s our approach.”

Defensive tackle and captain Jonathan Allen also expressed similar beliefs in the group.

Allen said Wednesday, “We know we’re ready. We know the work we put in.

Jacksonville aren’t the only ones looking like a different team on Sunday. While Washington is bringing many of the same players back to defense, the franchise hopes to see several players make big strides this season, especially second-year veterans Jamin Davis and Benjamin St. Juste. The development of these two players should have a significant impact on Washington’s overall defensive performance.

Offensively, the Commander has a new quarterback in Carson Wentz and a reworked front five. The wideout room is as deep as it has been in years. At running back, Washington has multiple versatile and impactful players. Scott Turner’s unit should look a lot different than the offense did a year ago.

One of the beauties of the NFL is that each year is a new start. All groups enter 2022 with a clean slate. This league is more egalitarian than any other major sports league in America. In the NFL, many things are nearly impossible to predict. That’s the big part of the excitement.

“Every year we have a surprise team that exceeds expectations,” says Del Rio. “Then there are others who are being talked about and put on pedestals. They’re going to fall apart. It starts tonight and it’s Sunday for us. I’m looking forward to that.” .”