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City pays $508,000 for cleaning and maintenance of business areas

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Members of the Evanston City Council approved the federal COVID Recovery Fund to allocate $508,000 to a Brooklyn-based company on Sept. 12 to provide advanced cleaning and maintenance to the city’s downtown and other business areas. Did.

However, the board hesitated over moves by several council members to add a social services component to the agreement with Streetplus Company, LLC.

At the committee, City Councilman Bobby Barnes (5th Ward) said the city would invest additional money in the company to provide social services along with cleaning and maintenance services, as the company has arranged in several other cities. proposed to allocate $125,000.

“We all know there’s been an increase in homelessness and aggressive panhandling all over the area,” Burns said at a meeting of the Executive and Public Works Committee held before the city council’s plenary session. “It’s not a problem in and of itself.”

He argued, “In light of the increased needs of the homeless population post-COVID, there is an urgent need for additional downtown staff who can interact with the homeless population and lead them to services.”

By adding this service to Streetplus’ contract, “in my opinion, it just allows us to bypass unnecessary bureaucracy,” he said.

Council Members: Screening Required for Social Services

City Councilwoman Eleanor Rebert District 7 said councilors will receive a report from Trilogy Behavioral Healthcare at their next meeting and that the agency’s mobile crisis response team is working with homeless people in crisis mode. He said he would like to receive updates about