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Carlos Alcaraz arrives ahead of schedule as the best player in the world

Chris Almeida: All credit goes to you. You’re right, Carlos Alcalaz is his 2022 US Open men’s singles champion. By his standards, Casper in the final he beat Roode quickly: 6–4, 2–6, 7–6(1), 6–3.And boy, can’t say he didn’t earn it. Hmm. Winning long games, short games, late games, early games, he did everything you could ask of him over the course of the tournament. Beat the young players, the old players. All. This person seems fine for a while.

John Wertheim: He spent more time on the court than any player in the history of the US Open. He won his five-set game that ended in the morning three times, then came back for the biggest match of his career, outlasting a player known for his endurance?here superlative is missing and he is 19 years old.