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Brighton opens 'communal warehouse' space for start-ups and businessmen

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic, people have changed where and how they work, seeking alternatives to traditional office environments.

Brighton couple Dan and Anna Oginski have opened two new coworking spaces in the city over the past few years. Each has its own ambiance and facilities to accommodate the changing employment landscape.

Their latest initiative is the All Heart Garage, a new $1.5 million “communal warehouse” and co-working space located on a previously vacant industrial lot at 1101 Rickett Street in the city.

Another of their recent projects was to restore the 1862 house into a coworking and event space called the Brighton Light House. With a modern twist on the retro feel of a mid-20th-century auto service station, Allheart Garage pays tribute to Dan Oginski’s late father, Bob.