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Book review: 'The Divider' is a sobering look at Trump's White House

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If “divider” Has a dominant theme, it could be a struggle within an ‘almost cartoonishly chaotic White House’ By people who are more rational and ethical than Trump to curb his most dangerous instincts. The White House has become a den of “ongoing tribal wars,” as everyone had different ideas about where to restrain Trump and where to encourage him. What they write is an “apprentice”-style reality show in which both parties competed to win Mr. Trump’s support and outlast his rivals, sometimes properly sabotaging the president’s agenda.

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Sneaky gossip and taunting nicknames cross-coin the Trumpese coin (Kushner as “Slim Reaper” and Homeland Security Secretary Kirsjen Nielsen as “Nurse Ratched”). They also highlight a dysfunction that is rare even in Washington freak shows. [Kellyanne] Conway. Or: “In public, Mattis, Tillerson, and McMaster were portrayed as adult Axis members. In private, they were sometimes petty, reminiscent of middle school cafeterias.”

Backbiting and Sabrosa’s efforts to stop their own president have led to a harrowing parade of constant personnel rotations, dismissals, resignations, and discharges. Trump cashed in an aide in favor of someone who was supposedly more docile, but the new man turned out to be even more willful and rule-less than Trump could have dreamed. I noticed. The staff repeatedly debate whether to stay in place in hopes of relieving Trump’s most basic impulses or scream and flee the room. A number of his supporters have emerged as one of the president’s toughest critics after leaving office.

Many Trump aides who might otherwise deserve harsh criticism, such as National Security Advisor John Bolton and Attorney General William P. Barr, sometimes bravely stepped in to keep Trump in check. Without their modest resistance, things could have been much worse. Still, Baker and Glasser seem to support the views of Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff, who warned Republicans during the initial impeachment.

they wrote: … They were justifying their service to him, their alliance with him, or their respect for him, on the grounds that they could finally rule over him. What Schiff was saying is that he has shown in three years that it is not possible. ”

In this instance, Schiff was speaking specifically about Trump’s plan to “compromise our election,” but his words were tragically prescient. It concludes with some fascinating chapters on Trump’s insane ploys to stay in power after his defeat in November 2021, culminating in the fatal attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021.