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Bipin Sule, CEO of Vishwakarma Institutes & University, has been honored as a trendsetter for 2022 by Maharashtra Times

Dr. Bipin Subodh Sule, Vishwakarma Institutes & University Pune

September 14th: Knowledge and education bring light to a dark world. But only Education Strategists make that light brighter by helping develop and enhance learning solutions for students. Dr. Bipin Sule, CEO of Vishwakarma Institutes & University, has been honored as the 2022 Trendsetter for his tremendous contributions to the field of education.

Dr. Bipin is known for his innovative approach to the education system. He has worked in the education field for the past 28+ years. Dr. Bipin joined as a lecturer in the computer department, but gradually he was promoted to the position of CEO of Vishwakarma Group – Institutes and University. His journey is truly inspiring for young undergraduates.

Dr. Bipin Soule was recognized as Trendsetter 2022 by The Maharashtra Times and The Maharashtra Times and Times Interact at Novotel Hotel, Juhu, Mumbai, August 28, 2022.

Cabinet minister and social activist, Republican President of India Ramdas Asabel (A) was the guest of honor for this momentous occasion. He currently serves as Minister of State for the Federal Department of Social Justice and Empowerment.

Adhinath Kothare, one of India’s most talented and diverse performers, producers and national award-winning directors, was the second chief guest. His third chief guest at the event was that he won three national awards in astrology and is one of the nation’s foremost astrologers, having helped people solve their problems for over 15 years. He was Dr. Sohini Sastri.

Dr. Bipin Soule was born on August 14, 1970 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. He is the son of Mrs. Sheela and Mr. Subodh Ganesh Sule. Dr. Bipin graduated in Computer Engineering from the Pune Institute of Computer Technology (PICT).

He also holds a PhD in Business Administration and an Honorary Doctorate from a prestigious university. Dr. Bipin’s expertise lies in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of developing India’s latest national education policy and promoting the globalization of higher education in India.

Vishwakarma Group – Institutes & University CEO Dr. Bipin leads the operations of the Vishwakarma Group, which consists of five campuses and more than 15 Institutes. The group has approximately 2200+ employees. There are over 22,000 students.

Dr. Bipin has received several national and international awards including:


  1. “Prominent Educator – 2015” BERG Singapore – Business Excellence&

Research Group by AICTE President Dr. S S Mantha Singapore

  1. “MIDDAY International Icon Excellence in Education Management” by MIDDAY

Group from Dubai (Amruta Fadanwis)

  1. “Excellent Education Management Achievement Award”

International Business Conclave by Thai Deputy Prime Minister


Whole country-

  1. “Shiksha Bharati Puraskar” by All India Achiever’s Foundation
  2. Times Group (Economic


  1. “Excellence in Education Management” by Outlook Group
  2. “Professional Excellence in Education Management” Pune Administration

Association Pune

  1. “Pride of Nation” by Global Citizens Peace Coalition
  2. “Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Professional Excellence Award in Management” by APJ

Abdul Kalam Research Center

  1. “Idols of Maharashtra” by Sakhar (MCCI President)
  2. “Excellence in Leadership in Professional Education” by Maharashtra CSR

(Director of ED)

  1. “Iconic Leadership in Higher Education” by ArdorComm
  2. “Educator of the Year” by International Brilliance Award
  3. “Times Visionary Leaders” by Times Group.

I wish Dr. Bipin Sule all the best in his future endeavors in the field of education.