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Are Pete Carroll and the Seahawks on good terms with Russell Wilson?

of Seattle Seahawks 17-16 win over former quarterback Russell Wilson and his Denver Broncos on monday night.

Wilson and head coach Pete Carroll spent 10 years together in Seattle, most notably winning the 2014 Super Bowl. actually Was it Wilson or the entire Seahawks organization that wanted the divorce?

Appearing on Seattle Sports 710 AM Tuesday morning, Carroll said he didn’t have to “validate” Monday’s win, but rather just “wanted it,” and the win means “a lot” for his roster. said to mean. When asked why it meant so much to players, Carol gave an ominous answer.

“You get it,” Carroll said. “It really made sense and they really wanted it. We have a real connection to history.They feel it and they love and love the fact that they played here.Seeing us doing well This night they realized they had a big chance and needed to make a big statement. I’ve said it many times before.

“Sometimes, I think if you lose too much focus, it just confuses the players. , was important for many reasons, and all of them.”

Wilson’s former teammates, as well as Super Bowl-winning players such as Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin, tweeted criticism, thrashing and mocking the Broncos during Monday night’s game.

And on Wednesday, “First Things First” co-host Nick Wright said in his mind that Carroll’s comments and those of Wilson’s former teammate were universally accepted by the quarterback as his teammate. This supports the speculation that he is not loved by

“You can’t have it both ways. When it seems like your teammate loves you and your former teammate really hated you, when you act like it’s nothing, how important it is and You can’t talk about what’s beneficial and helpful,” Wright said of Wilson. “There have been many reports in real time and now Pete Carroll is confirming it.

“So we thought one of the best things about Lamar is running the wall for him, Jimmy G whatever his limits are, his teammates love him and Tom Brady signing them up. The moment Russell Wilson loses a football game, it’s a horde of former Seattle Seahawks schadenfreude. Doug Baldwin tweets. Richard Sherman tweets. Pete. Carol, I’m doing an interview about it.”

Wilson finished the game with 340 passing yards, one passing touchdown, and a quarterback rating of 101.3, completing 29 of 42 throws. However, Denver fumbled inside Seattle’s 5-yard line twice in the second half for a controversial final drive that left the team burning a sizable clock and missing a 64-yard field goal.

Seahawks quarterback Jenno Smith, who backed up Wilson from the 2019-21 season, finished the game with 195 passing yards, two passing touchdowns, a 119.5 quarterback rating, and 23 of 28 throws. completed the round.

Seattle is on its way to face the San Francisco 49ers, while Denver hosts the Houston Texans in Week 2 of the NFL season.

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