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Actor and Instagram sensation Leslie Jordan celebrates the launch of her new book with one important message for everyone.

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Those who don’t know Leslie Jordan may not know the secret to happiness.

Emmy-winning actor and new best-selling author of “How Y’all Doing?”Shared with Fox News Digital Saturday he doing “wow”

why? Because he discovered the secret of success. And though small in stature, Jordan’s voice, and message to all, is bigger than life.

“Now that I am 67, I have never been happier. I am more in tune with who I am and what I am,” Jordan said at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. said at the National Book Festival in , where his new best-selling book was celebrated this weekend.

“How are you? Misfortunes and mischief from a life well lived.” is Jordan’s second book, and its release last year cemented its place on both the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists. Published by HarperCollins, one of his Big Five English-language publishers, the book earned Jordan an award for humor.

Leslie Jordan on LGBTQ+ pride: ‘Be proud of who you are’

But as comedy legends say, his life wasn’t always very interesting.

Emmy Award-winning actor and best-selling author Leslie Jordan sat down with Fox News Digital at the Library of Congress' National Book Festival on Saturday, September 3rd.

Emmy Award-winning actor and best-selling author Leslie Jordan sat down with Fox News Digital at the Library of Congress’ National Book Festival on Saturday, September 3rd.
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used to suffer from what he called “inner homophobia” [today, Jordan is a proud gay man]who lost his father as a child and admitted to being an alcoholic throughout his young adulthood, Jordan celebrates 25 years of sobriety, not just in his book, but about the debilitating discomfort he felt as a child. explained.

“I’ve spoken to so many gay men over the years that they say we were so embarrassed that they fell out of the womb. Located in Chattanooga, Tennessee.”

“But I’m who I am. That’s my nature. That’s who I am. That’s how I was made,” the “Will & Grace” alum told Fox News Digital.

“I am happier than ever. I am more in tune with who I am and what I am.” – Leslie Jordan

A native of the Southern Baptist community, Jordan knew from an early age that being gay meant he was different. But his inability to embrace and accept those differences set Jordan on a path to ruin. [southern] A charming wit that only a voice like his has.

But Jordan said that making the choice to be sober allowed him to grow into a “queerdom.”

The author also discovered that putting pen to paper is the way to light.

“When I first started drinking, the sponsor of a recovery program I was in said, ‘When you put pen to paper, it slows you down to the speed of the pen and gives you some clarity.'”

In his book, Jordan details many of his “misadventures and pranks”, including breaking the law, but much of his recovery from alcoholism is due to the practice of handwriting journaling. and explains how this movement translated to his author.

“I used to write and write and write,” he said, admitting to collecting countless diaries to keep under his bed.

Soon HarperCollins approached him about writing a book.

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After Jordan became what many called an Instagram sensation during the pandemic, his video post went viral and his following reached nearly 6 million. [or, as he calls them in his book, “friends”] – The publisher sees potential.

“HarperCollins came up to me and said, ‘I have a book.’ he explained.

“What a great writing exercise. I was able to go back and take two minutes of posts and flesh them out into one chapter.”

“I think that’s the secret to happiness. It’s about serving others.” – Leslie Jordan

With the Chapter collection, Jordan delights fans and friend – In his funny, irreverent voice – a hilarious tale about the strange, funny, haunting events of his life – plus an Audible version narrated by himself.

With a voice that grows with age, Leslie Jordan has a message for everyone.

“Sometimes I don’t own what I’ve done. This is a big deal. Writing a best-selling book,” he told Fox News Digital. “But I’ve said before that all fame brings is a platform. That’s all it brings to you. And you either give or you take. And I want to give. .”

“I think that’s the secret to happiness. It’s about doing things for others.”

For all those who may be struggling to find happiness, Jordan encouraged them to “do something for someone else.”

“Part of my success is that I’m so happy with myself,” he encouraged.

Jordan, 67, is more than just an easygoing proud gay man. He is also a proud gay man of his faith.

“The best advice I was ever given: My sponsor is to go[to church]and take whatever you hear and resonate with, and put the rest under the pew in front of you.” I said keep it. [sic] It could be someone else’s core of truth. “

Actor, comedian, author, viral sensation, and of course, singer, he can be heard belting out on his gospel album, Company’s Comin. Last year, Jordan made his first appearance at the Grand Ole of Tennessee, where he grew up, singing hymns from an early age and celebrating his Baptist upbringing.


As such, perhaps Jordan’s voice has literally gotten louder with age.

But he’s not the only one with a voice, Renaissance Man recalls.

“Change comes from within” – Leslie Jordan

“People think they don’t have a say. Yes, yes. Your vote matters,” he told Fox News Digital. “That’s why I think it’s so important that people, especially those in the LGBTQ+ community, get young people to register to vote. Then change can really happen.”

While Jordan admits to often avoiding political debate, the author’s new book is part of a poignant account of the AIDS crisis of the ’80s…strong.

“It’s great to march down the street, but it just draws attention to your purpose. It doesn’t change things,” he explained. “Change comes from within.”


Leslie Jordan fans can catch him on FOX’s “Call me Kat” and, of course, Instagram.