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A TikTok Guide for Business

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If you think your business isn’t a good fit for TikTok, think again. If you’re like most business people, TikTok isn’t what you think. It’s not just 20- to 30-second videos of kids dancing, dogs doing tricks, and influencers showing off the latest fashions. It has become a serious competitor for online/digital advertising dollars from all types of businesses, both B2C and B2B.

Most of you reading this may still believe that TikTok’s audience consists of people in their 20s and younger. Again, it’s not what you think!

Dennis Yu is CEO of BlitzMetrics, The Definitive Guide to TikTok AdvertisingYu’s company has over $1 billion in advertising for clients on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google, using advertising and algorithms to drive sales. And now he’s focused on TikTok.

I had the chance to interview Yu on Amazing Business Radio. he said: We have more traffic than Google. It has a higher average viewing time than Facebook and Netflix. People spend more time watching he short 15- to 30-second videos than they do 2-hour feature films. “

Yes, TikTok has more traffic than Google! In 2021, TikTok ranked 7th among social media platforms. In 2022, just one year later, it is currently ranked #1. By Q1 2022, TikTok is the world’s most downloaded app.

According to Search Engine Journal, TikTok is becoming a search engine. SEJ staffer Matt Southern posed the question, “What if people start using his TikTok as a search engine?” His research found that some people treat apps as search providers, and even prefer them to Google. So his question changed from “What if…?” “What now…?”

The point is, as a business, we can’t ignore TikTok as a viable marketing and sales channel. We will start serving content immediately. That is, as soon as a customer sees her TikTok video of the company, the platform will start offering more services. of Company content for your enjoyment.

We asked Yu about how businesses can use TikTok. Knowing the podcast’s focus on customer service and experience, he related his first tip to his digital customer care. Today’s customers are turning to the internet, especially his social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, to seek help or lodge complaints with the company. And increasingly, they’re turning to TikTok. “Your customers are talking about you on TikTok whether you’re on TikTok or not,” Yu said. “Remember the early days of Twitter when a lot of brands said they weren’t ready to start Twitter? I think that means you can’t talk about it. “

As more customers turn to TikTok for customer care, it’s imperative that you (your company or brand) post responses, not other customers. Even if the customer is sharing the correct information, the company needs to control the narrative. You need to be visible on this very popular channel. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money for it. Posting a simple, non-professional edited video can be just as effective as a highly produced video.

Regardless of what your company does or sells, whether B2B or B2C, simply create a short video with tips and ideas that will interest your customers beyond customer service and experience is. Shorter is better. Please keep it within 1 minute and 30 seconds. TikTok rewards videos that are watched to completion. People are much more likely to watch a 30 second video all the way through than a 4-5 minute video. It’s not required, but if you can make it interesting or fun, that’s always a bonus.

Yu’s advice is simple. he just creates content. Then let TikTok’s algorithms do the work to find people (your customers and potential customers) who are interested in what you’re posting.Yu quoted Ray Kinsella’s (played by Kevin Costner) famous line from the movie Field of Dreams: If you build it, they will come. To quote Nike, the famous shoe and apparel maker: