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95th Run of Yonkers Marathon Canceled for 2 Years Due to COVID

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Of course, nothing big will happen until 2027.

At that time, the Yonkers Marathon, which has a history second only to Boston, will be held for the 100th time.

This year’s 95th will take place on Sunday, the day after the popular Riverfest in downtown Yonkers, following two years of COVID-related cancellations.

Riverfest, a music/vendor gala, sometimes attracts over 25,000 people, and even more should be nearby for Hudson’s annual Mayors’ Cup at Yonkers Paddling & Paddling Club .

It’s been around forever since the marathon, last held in mid-October 2019, has attracted huge numbers of fans since jumping onto the fall calendar. rice field.

time has passed new york times Nearly 20,000 spectators were reported for the second Thanksgiving race in 1908.