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4 traits of a great installer

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When I was 12, my father gave me three options for what I could do during my summer vacation. None of them included vacations. Instead, my options were to mow my neighbor’s lawn, deliver newspapers, or help install ducts for his HVAC company. decides to help his installer.

Like most children, I rolled my eyes and whined at the thought of hard work. The lessons I learned taught me what certain tools are, how to use them, and how to build an HVAC system. As I got older, the lessons provided the basis for other roles such as service, sales, management, and even what I do now at NCI (National Comfort Institute, Inc.).

It’s a shame that installation is so stereotyped in our industry. Some believe that installation is an easy skill to learn. Anyone can do it. These individuals are often inexperienced with installations and have minimal skills due to lack of understanding. In a nutshell, the achievements of great installers are: can’t believe it.

Incredible installers create works of art that work every day, even in the harshest conditions.Most customers never look their job, but they will felt difference. I’ve worked with some extraordinary crews, and I’ve found four traits in him that these unsung industry heroes have in common. See if they describe the qualities you have and the qualities you’re eyeing other industry professionals for.

they have a vision

All the great installers I’ve come across use VisionThey can see the complete system and what it should look like before installing a single duct or removing existing equipment.

Installers know how many small and large pieces can fit together to achieve their goals. predetermined resultOnce you envision that outcome, keep your purpose in mind and make a plan to achieve that outcome.

I remember working with my father’s crew and how they drew me a picture of where the various components go and what they do to the system. No, but they shared their vision with me and helped me see results before I even started.

Many times I have encountered challenges and obstacles in other transactions that I had to overcome. We couldn’t anticipate all the problems, but we were able to improvise. They imagine the finished product, so they can prevent these issues from becoming a major headache.

they have courage

guts is a word that is not used very often. It includes many qualities of a good installer, such as purpose, character, and courage to face problems. It’s what they look like when they’re away from work, not just at work. It will not turn on only when the boss is present.They are consistent Day by day, in their actions. It’s in their psyche.

Metal is a word I don’t use very often. It includes many qualities of a good installer, such as purpose, character, and courage to face problems.

work ethic It is an important component of energy. Installers of this quality know that no job is half done. It’s done right and anything less than that is unacceptable. In their eyes there is no compromise in doing the right thing. You’re not hacking duct fittings with plenums on a roll (foil tape).

you know they can be trusted. The installer shows up early and makes no excuses when things go wrong. They often work in harsh and challenging conditions while still making it through and making it happen. Courage also means adapting to tough situations. Instead of throwing your colleague under the bus, find alternative solutions and fix them right.

they are craftsmen

Incredible installers are craftsmen. My father played a big role in establishing my views on this subject. He is an old-school sheet metal craftsman who taught me that the installation must be neat, level and tidy.

He knocked it over my head that each duct system is your signature, a reflection of who you are. was. it was incomplete. If I got it wrong, I had to redo it until I got it right.

Do you encourage your colleagues to think like craftsmen and pay attention to detail, or rush to get the job done no matter what the system looks like?

Your words and actions are communicating indicators. Whether you realize it or not, you influence the people you work with at your company.Do you encourage your colleagues to think craftsman No matter what your system looks like, do you pay attention to detail or rush to get it done? These choices slowly build or tear down our industry for generations to come.

Create works of art that are usually hidden and ignored by the untrained eye. Just because your system isn’t in a museum doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be proud of it. Install a system that makes your competitors drool.

They determine the actual HVAC system performance

It’s easy to forget that the installer decides Actual system performance every day. They have determined and know how well the equipment works, regardless of lab ratings.

Incredible installers have steadily declined in value as our industry began to refer to equipment as systems rather than system components. Our incredible installers know the difference and use these components to complete a custom-built system for your customer’s needs.

If you stick to the finish, custom system, changing the industry one customer at a time. In just one step, he can remove the importance of equipment that anyone can sell and return it to installers. specialized skills – something only they can offer.

System measurements such as pressure, airflow and temperature ensure your system works as it looks. Invisible features of the work can be made visible to the customer. Show how installers can make a difference by sharing measurements that prove real-world system performance.

strive to activate

Installers who do it right will continue to inspire this industry and pave the way for future generations. I’m here. Email me and tell me what characteristics you would like to include.

If you haven’t done so lately, please say thank you to the amazing installation team you work with. They are often overlooked and underestimated. Why not give them the attention and respect they deserve?

David Richardson He is the training director for the National Comfort Institute, Inc. (NCI) in the HVAC industry. NCI specializes in training focused on improving, measuring and verifying HVAC and building performance.

If you are an HVAC contractor or technician and are interested in improving your installation, please contact David. Or call us at 800-633-7058. NCI website is filled with free technical articles and downloads to help improve your professionalism and strengthen your company.