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3 entertainment stocks to watch in September

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It’s no exaggeration to say that entertainment never goes out of style. We all seek escapes that give us a chance to escape from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. Whether it’s at the end of a long day watching your favorite show, enjoying live entertainment, or essentially taking off for a few days at a water amusement park, we all want to escape from time to time.

Roku (NASDAQ: ROKU), Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS)When carnival (NYSE: CCL) Here are three entertainment stocks that could make waves this month. Let’s see why all three escape artists are moving to his September. Soccer fans watching the game on TV from their living room.

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1. Roku

Sometimes reality doesn’t match stock charts. Roku is trading 87% below its all-time high set last summer. Despite a steep decline over the past 14 months, Roku is more popular than ever. At the end of June, there were 63.1 million active accounts. Streaming video hubs continue to grow, and in a world that asks us to leave our homes more often, engagement remains intact. Roku’s user base has grown by 14% over the past year, while the number of hours of content provided by the platform has increased by 19% during that time.

There are concerns that Roku will be particularly vulnerable during a recession. A free-to-use streaming operating system, the platform is subject to the ebb and flow of advertising revenue. Still, it should work better than other advertising-based business models.

First of all, the economic downturn will make us spend more time at home. Roku’s ad serving opportunities will increase. Marketers cut how much they’re willing to pay leads in a recessionary environment, but Roku could also benefit from price competition among streaming services. Hungry for market share, we are witnessing an arms race in the cutthroat world of premium streaming services. They have to pay to stand out, and avid Roku viewers are the ones they need to come forward.

2. Disney

There are no dull moments in House of Mouse, but this week is pretty big for Disney. Thursday is Disney+ Day. It’s an annual holiday that the fast-growing premium streaming service launched last year to celebrate its fast-growing premium platform. Already worldwide, he has 152.1 million subscribers and is just two months away from his third anniversary in service.

Disney+ Day will be filled with movies and new shows arriving on the platform.remember that time Thor: Love and Thunder Did you hit your local multiplex three months ago? The Marvel blockbuster is coming to Pinocchio Starring Tom Hanks will also make his debut on the service. As Disney+ raises prices in his December (bucking the opposite trend of its competitors), it’s important for the media trailblazer to make a fuss.

On weekends, head to the D23 Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center. During his three-day event, Disney will be presenting panels and presentations to showcase what he’s been working on with his thriving studios, themed his parks, and other entertainment initiatives. The peak of the summer theme park travel season is over, but September doesn’t make you sleepy.

3. Carnival

Cruise ships may not be considered part of the entertainment world, but didn’t Disney just add a fifth cruise ship to its fleet this summer? , people are boarding huge ships in search of entertainment. With shows, casinos, and excursions, the industry is more than just cramped cabins and countless eateries. His one of Carnival’s newest ships also has a roller coaster.

Carnival will make waves in September as it reports quarterly results later this month. As COVID-19 restrictions ease and bookings soar, the cruise industry is making a long-awaited resurgence. Analysts expect Carnival’s revenue for his August-ending fiscal quarter to take him near $5 billion.

It should be a powerful report. Some more optimistic analysts are even expecting quarterly earnings from Carnival, the first in nearly three years. The stock is now surprisingly in the single digits. While the ocean doesn’t look as rough as Carnival’s stock chart, it also allows for better navigation in today’s low tide of market sentiment.

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