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10 Famous Writers Like Colleen Hoover

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It’s no secret that Colleen Hoover has hit the bestseller list many times over the past decade. Many people pick up her books and can’t stop until they’ve read them all. When they do, they go find other writers like her. If this sounds like you, you might be wondering what to pick up next. There are 10 writers like Colleen Huber who can take and devour.

Now, if you’re looking for a writer like Colleen Huber, you might be looking for a variety of genres, as she’s written several works. And to borrow a phrase from Book Riot’s When in Romance podcast, you might like domestic fiction. Her books have always performed well, but there’s no denying the effect TikTok has had on Hoover’s backlist sales. It shows in her sales.

You may be hopeless, and you are not without merit.Someday, maybe now, you may be able to find other authors like Colleen Hoover. there is a little difference in it ends with us books such as VerityI confess that this list of Colleen Huber caricatures is not complete. Yet it includes other writers who tackle big emotions, messy interpersonal relationships, heart-stopping, and life-changing plot points in her novels.

Best Writers Like Colleen Hoover

courtney milan

Courtney Milan’s The Cyclone Series is perfect for fans of Colleen Hoover’s new adult books like Slammed. The Cyclone series revolves around Cyclone Technologies, a billion-dollar Silicon Valley technology company run by founder and CEO Adam Reynolds. Now that his son, Blake, is old enough, he’s starting to take on more responsibility in the company he’ll take over someday. Struggling to send money and attend her classes — and end up swapping lifestyles. , unexpected twists, messy family relationships, and messy characters who will do anything to protect are all included.

Hate Project book cover by Chris Ripper

Chris Ripper

Many, if not all, of the characters in Colleen Huber’s books often balance their daily struggles with their mental health, so naturally Chris Ripper came to mind. Ze isn’t afraid to place a mentally ill queer protagonist at the center of her romance. There were many books to choose from in Kris Ripper’s backlog, but The Hate Project is a great place to start. Oscar has anxiety and is often fired from his phone-handling job, which often makes things worse, but gives him the opportunity to professionally clean up the house instead. Even if it’s a guy, he always quarrels, argues and hooks up. Chris Ripper might have the Colleen Hoover lookalike you’ve been looking for if you want a romance book with a wide range of emotions.

Hot Under His Collar by Andie J Christopher Book Cover

Andy J. Christopher

Andy J. Christopher must be one of the unlikable queens of modern love. Of course, when I came up with a list of writers like Colleen Huber, she immediately came to mind, a woman known for her own disliked protagonist in books such as November 9th. One of J. Christopher’s disliked female protagonists is Hot Under His Collar’s local priest. Her books tend to have a slightly goofier tone, but her characters won’t disappoint fans of Colleen Huber’s books.

When no one is looking Alyssa Cole book cover

Alyssa Cole

If you’re a fan of Verity’s Colleen Hoover stepping into the world of romantic psychological thrillers, Alyssa Cole is the author for you. Specifically, her thriller “When No One Is Watching” is a psychological one that answers the following questions: “Where do neighborhoods go when gentrification kicks them out?” But the slow, disturbing revelations that unfold based on the documentation and history of both books are sure to keep you captivated.

Hate to Want You by Alisha Rai Book Cover

Alisha Rai

Alisha Rai is a writer who delivers complicated romantic relationships over and over again. If she read Reminders of Him and was drawn to her forbidden relationship, Alisha Her Rye’s book might be for you. The Forbidden Hearts series includes a Romeo and Juliet-esque star-crossed lovers book (Hate to Want You), a “He Was My Brother-In-Law, Now I Love Him” ​​Romance (Wrong To Need You). Brother’s friend’s romance (Hurts To Love You). All three books live up to their forbidden titles, and if secrets don’t capture your heart, romance will certainly capture your heart.

Helen Huang book cover

Helen Huang

Helen Huang is a legendary author who puts autistic protagonists at the center of her romances and family novels. Readers of Colleen Huber’s books will love the way she works in romantic settings that seem destined from the start, like the arranged marriages in Juan’s The Bride Test. If you can patiently cry while reading a book by Colleen Hoover, you’ll love being emotionally devastated by Helen Huang.

Fumbled by Alexa Martin Book Cover

Alexa Martin

If you like the former football player from Reminders of Him, you’ll also love Alexa Martin. While The Playbooks Series as a whole is a great place to start, Fumbled by Alexa Martin has her line of plot where a child is introduced to her biological father and hits an emotional beat similar to Colleen Hoover’s books. . Alexa Martin’s book is inspired by her experience as a professional writer married to a former professional football player. She writes about the real problems people face when trying to find a balance between professional, romantic and platonic living, crafted for herself based on her unique life experiences. I’m here.

Just Like That by Cole Mccade Book Cover

Cole McQuade

Cole McCade has a deep backlist of queer romance, sci-fi, fantasy and horror books that hit all the right notes for her cohort wherever she goes. I would like to draw particular attention to his queer romance novels, like the Alvin Academy series, in which private high school teachers deal with dangerous secrets and even more dangerous romances. His writing style is anticipatory and the reader feels like they are experiencing the emotional states of the characters together. On Just Like That, “His heart felt like it was going to explode, and the walls were wearing paper thin and about to shatter.” The paragraph reminds me of his Cole McCade.

Casey McQuiston book cover One Last Stop

Casey McKiston

When I think of Colleen Huber’s many hot messes in her 20s, I can’t help but think of Casey McKiston. Their work tends to be full of jokes and fan references, but there’s a tragedy in her characters that makes you say, “Oh, no, no,” at some point in the reading experience. A classic example is the tragic reveal in One Last Stop, where a woman looks back on growing up as a detective in her teens. Colleen Huber fans who like the Epistles chapter will also be happy to find McKiston’s e-mails, letters and notes. A sad twenties atmosphere was achieved in both works.

ending with a series of writers like Colleen Hoover

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