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Woman Shares Journey Running Boston Marathon In Viral Video

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A woman shared her experience running the Boston Marathon in a series of now viral TikTok videos.

Videos from TikTok user @makontherun showed her reaction just before the start of the race, during the run, and just after crossing the finish line.

Viewers who tuned in to follow @makontherun’s progress cheered her on and congratulated her on her finish.

According to its website, those wishing to qualify for the Boston Marathon are expected to meet time criteria that correspond to age and gender.

A woman shared her experience running the Boston Marathon in a series of TikTok videos. Pictured above are runners crossing the finish line at the 2022 Boston Marathon.
Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

For example, men between the ages of 18 and 34 must meet a qualifying time of 3 hours and women in the same age group must meet a qualifying time of 3 hours and 30 minutes.

“Only accredited full marathon distances will be accepted for qualifying,” the website says.

In addition, indoor and virtual marathon times will not count towards qualifying.

As @makontherun prepared on the starting line, she explained in one of her videos that the Boston Marathon was the first “big” road marathon she ran.

“The atmosphere is good. Everyone is behaving in a great way,” she said. “I’m here for the atmosphere. It’s a fun run.”

@makontherun provided updates at various checkpoints throughout the marathon.

“I’m on track,” @makontherun said in a video that has been viewed more than 60,000 times after telling him he was 16 miles (about 16 miles) into the marathon. “We are currently on a 10-mile fun run.”

She checked in again at Mile 20, which was the beginning of the infamous Heartbreak Hill. According to, the last hill has a 0.5 mile slope.

Loud cheers and hooters can be heard in the background of her video, which has been viewed nearly 700,000 times.

“This is so much hype right now,” said @makontherun. I came.”

@makontherun shared another video that has nearly 400,000 views, announcing that he has just one mile to complete the race.

“I feel fine,” she said, taking her last glass of water. “Welcome to the city of Boston. It’s nearly over. Wow, what a journey.”

One of the final videos in the series documenting her experience showed @makontherun just after she crossed the finish line.

“Oh my god, I just finished,” she said, choking just before receiving her medal.

Her video was inundated with comments praising her, with others saying they were impressed that they managed to document their experience while running.

“25 miles and we can talk while running…you are god,” wrote one TikTok user.

“I cried watching this,” one viewer wrote. I had exactly this reaction. This is me at last year’s NYC marathon. Literally sobbing. ”

“What a journey,” wrote one TikTok user. “That’s what it feels like to cross every finish line.”

Another commented, “I cried with you!! I’m so proud of you.”

“You’re making this look a lot easier than it actually is,” read the comment.

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Her video isn’t the only viral marathon moment: A TikTok with over 12 million views was captured on video of a duck waddling alongside runners at the New York City Marathon.