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Top 20 MBA Admissions Consultants for 2022

Top 10 MBA Admissions Consultants for 2022. Above left is Susan Serra of Stratus Admissions Counseling. Karen Hamou from Fortuna Admissions. Betsy Masser of Master Admissions and Tyler Cornney of MBA Prep School. Bottom left, Candy Lee La Barre, Sam Weeks. Shaifali Aggarwal of Ivy Groupe. Liza Wheel, who enrolled at Gatehouse. Alice van Harten of Menlo Coaching and Scott Edinburgh of Personal MBA Coach

After enrolling at Harvard Business School with the help of admissions counselor Candy Lee La Barre, MBA candidates entering the class of 2024 are dazzled with enthusiasm by the valuable advice they receive. became. “Someone like Candy is 100% worth investing in her!” the applicant wrote. “She helped me tell my story in the best possible way and maximized her admissions options!”

That candidate wasn’t the only one to use the exclamation point for La Balle. A recently accepted candidate for her MBA program at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business said: Candy puts the interests of its customers first and at the center of the service it provides. She takes a deep dive into your background, trajectory and aspirations and helps connect them together to build the perfect story for your application. ”

Simeon Ratner, who entered NYU Stern’s class of 2024, said: She is patient, wonderful and the best investment I have ever made. ”

Top 20 MBA Admissions Coaches for 2022

consultant Hard client satisfaction score positive reviews Hourly wage
1. Candy Lee La Barre La Valle Admissions 10.0 twenty one $265
2. Sam Weeks Sam Weeks Consulting 10.0 15 $340
3. Susan Serra Stratus Admissions Consulting 10.0 12 $12,300 (3 school package)
4. Shaifari Agarwal ivy group 10.0 Ten $550
4. Tyler Cornney MBA preparatory school 10.0 Ten $425
6. Karen Harmow Fortuna admission 9.96 twenty three $385
7. Betsy Masser master admission 9.94 16 $395
8. Liza Wiele Gatehouse entrance fee 9.93 15 $12,500 (3 school package)
9. Alice Van Harten menlo coaching 9.93 14 $16,000 (3 school package)
10. Scott Edinburgh Personal MBA Coach 9.92 twenty five $480
10. Catherine Lewis mba mission 9.92 12 $11,000 (3 school package)
10. Christa Nunnery mba mission 9.92 12 $11,000 (3 school package)
13. Devi Varabaneni mba mission 9.90 20 $11,000 (3 school package)
14. Charlie Taylor carrier protocol 9.90 Ten $11,000 (3 school package)
15. Jessica Shukler mba mission 9.90 Ten $11,000 (3 school package)
16. Michelle Belden Fortuna admission 9.90 Ten $385
17. Rajdeep Chimni admission gateway 9.86 36 $7,400 (3 school package)
18. Eli David Ivy MBA Consulting 9.84 19 $390
19. Jennifer Raver Fortuna admission 9.83 12 $385
20. Angela Guido carrier protocol 9.82 11 $16,000 (3 school package)

5 Highly Rated MBA Counselors Score a Perfect Satisfaction Rating of 10.0

These highly personal and independently verified testimonials on behalf of La Balle make La Balle the most favorably rated MBA admissions consultant in the world. Additionally, this year, La Balle is one of her five counselors (with 10 or more positive reviews) to earn her 10.0 Customer Satisfaction Score from clients. Others are new addition to the list, Sam Weeks, her No. 1 consultant last year, Susan Cera of Stratus Admissions Consulting, Shaifali Aggarwal of Ivy Groupe, and Tyler Cormney of MBA Prep School.

In fact, 16 other consultants achieved full marks this year as well, but received less than 10 positive client reviews during the one-year measurement period. In many cases, some of these counselors work part-time, which naturally results in fewer reviews. Maria Wich-Villa of ApplicantLab, Caryn Altman of Stacy Blackman, and Emma Bond of Fortuna each have 5 or more reviews for her (see table on next page).

If the rankings were calculated solely on the number of positive reviews the consultants received, Rajdeep Chimni would have received top honors for four years in a row. In his 12 months measured, Chimni has earned more positive reviews than any MBA coach in the world. In total he scored 36 and in customer satisfaction he scored an impressive 9.86. Additionally, no other consultant in our directory has amassed as many positive reviews as Chimni: 226 (see table below for top 10 total reviews since directory inception). please).

MBA admissions consulting fees range from $295 to $16,000 per hour for a package of three schools.

Hiring a consultant to help guide candidates through the grueling road to a top business school doesn’t come cheap. , the candidate is reduced by $16,000. mbaMission’s standard hourly wage is between $385 and $500, but 80% to 90% of the company’s business he sells three-school packages ranging from $9,200 to $12,500. By the way, La Balle is a relative bargain at $295 an hour or $5,000 for help to apply to three schools from start to finish.

An American from New Orleans and working from a home office in Madrid, Spain, La Balle is ranked 6th in annual rankings of the world’s most acclaimed MBA admissions consultants. We picked the best based on the positive reviews we received over the course of a year. Consultants are ranked based on customer satisfaction scores and the number of positive reviews each has received. All her MBA admissions coaches in the top 20 had to receive a minimum rating of 10 to qualify for the list.However, each person’s place in the ranking is determined by the overall rating given by the client who reviewed them. Poets & Quants.

This list is derived from the world’s largest MBA admissions consulting database, with over 5,000 client reviews from approximately 561 consultants nationwide. Poets & Quants directory.All reviews are independently verified by Poets & Quants staff. This year’s Honor Roll winner was selected based on her 1,086 reviews of 202 different consultants from August 15, 2020 to his August 31, 2021.

Top 10 MBA Consultants with Most Positive Client Reviews Over Time