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Top 10 comics with price increases last week include WWII Hulk, Star Wars and more

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New and old (newer than old) dominate the list this week, with a healthy dose of titles penned by Charles Soule. His She-Hulk release on Disney+ will have fans spec brains working overtime, and other green-skinned beings will also make an appearance. A Spidey clone appears alongside the legendary Frank Miller, ushering in a new era called “Mirror Time” (probably not since it’s been filmed). And Star Wars, Star Wars. Mega-franchises have been mentioned many times, but where? For this week’s Top 10, read on.

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#10: Meet the Skrulls #1 | Marvel | 2019 | This specifically refers to the group that has been infiltrating over the years. That may mean a lot of Skrulls, but many fans’ attention shifted to this book. It features the first appearance of Gaia. G’iah has previously disguised himself as Pepper Potts, so there is precedent for the semi-crossover. Several sites have speculated that this is the secret role of actress Emilia Clarke (Velanke the Skrull Queen and her SWORD and other rumored roles of her director Abigail Brand). Instead of). It tracked as high as $170 on CGC 9.8 and $19 on her FMV raw.

#9: Star Wars: The Mandalorian #2 – Jim Chang (1:50) | Marvel | 2022 | With this issue featuring Grog’s first appearance in the comics, it’s Mando’s fitting, ‘Baby Yoda’ would feature on many covers. But this 1:50 from Jim Cheung captures the dirt that permeates the world Mando occupies. A world where Grogu must travel on the hips of its guardians. Fans of the character and series received a treat with the high-ratio variant of the release. His current FMV sold at his $78 and raw copies sold at his high $125.

#8: What if? Planet Hulk Issue #1 | Marvel | 2007 | In addition to the excellent cover, Hulk’s son, Skarl, makes his first appearance in this issue. The book first peaked last June when 9.8 sold for his $799.95. It didn’t drop much, but the price settled down, but then started to skyrocket again thanks to a few small glimpses/events that happened in the first episode of She-Hulk. With a high of $600 at 9.8, it tracked the raw FMV at $63.

#7: Avengers #85 | Marvel | 1971 | Loki’s first season was a huge success and fans are excited for the second season. Well, recent rumors that Henry Cavill is in talks with Marvel to play Hyperion, Marvel’s Superman and member of the Squadron Supreme, who first appeared in the book, made them even more excited. The aftermarket exploded as I tried to buy a book featuring a team with “The Boys” qualities. We tracked a deal as high as $800 on CGC 9.2 and $103 on his FMV raw.

#6: 8 Billion Majin #1 | Image | Year 2022 | Eight Billion Genie! But seriously, this book has brought me to tears since Amazon’s selection. The author of this book, Charles Soule, was one of his own with the recent heat behind his new Daredevil series and the aftermarket darling of this week’s Star Wars #26. and continues to captivate collectors with each subsequent release, hoping to return to the #1 main cover that started it all. It tracked as high as $66 for a raw copy of NM+ and $43 for his FMV raw.

#5: Spider-Man’s Web #118 | Marvel | 1994 | One of the leaked images from Hasbro’s Game of Trouble is themed after characters and images from the upcoming Spider-Verse movie, featuring Scarlet Spider aka Ben Reilly It featured a stunning image of himself. This leak caused Scarlett’s first appearance in this issue to fly off aftermarket shelves. We tracked a deal as high as $965 at CGC 9.8 and $100 at raw FMV. Not surprisingly, given how cool the character and his origins are.

#4: Star Wars #26 – Chris Sprouse – Choose Your Fate | Marvel | 2022 | This is not only the second Star Wars title on this list, but also the second series written by Charles Soule. I have. Star Wars continues to be very popular, especially in comic form, with many first appearances. (including but not limited to), fans of this series jumped at this cover of Chris Sprouse featuring fans. Favorite Jedi, Plo Koon. Raw copies tracked him as high as $20 and FMV he as high as $16.

#3: Star Wars #26 – John Tyler Christopher – Action Figure Variant | Marvel | Year 2022 | Two spots in a row!? Like we said, this book is hot! This cover is also in the style of the famous action figure variation popularized by the Star Wars comics in 2015. But this one features a young Obi his one, an excellent companion piece to the book featuring the old Ben Kenobi in 2015. It sells for a high price of $18.

#2: FRANK MILLER PRESENTS ASHCAN (LIMITED TO 12,000) | 2022 | What a great way to celebrate the first release under your new label! was launched. Frank Miller made a big move to the community and sent this limited edition of 12,000 copies to his LCS for free, with a recommended retail price of $1. Not only that, but it also features a sequel to his famous work, Ronin. Fans are eager to get their hands on this remarkable thing and the aftermarket is reacting accordingly with his current FMV at his $19 and a raw copy at his $50 was sold at a high price.

#1: Star Wars #26 – EM GIST | Marvel | 2022 | Holding the Top Spot is the last cover for this release, excluding the second print (this one with a black background). Em Gist nails young Luke and Leia. The Star Wars fever has overwhelmed collectors’ feeds this week, prompting them to acquire this new release with multiple first appearances that could be key to this new arc. We tracked sales at high dollar prices.

And that’s this week’s top 10 comics for 8/22/22!