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Tired of Instagram?Turn your holiday memories into photo books, cakes and air fresheners

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How do you remember your holidays? The great joy of travel is that it expands our sensory experiences and makes available small pockets of carefree time, for example when we recall the sourness of a lemon tart or the earthy smell of a sunrise safari.

For most of us, it’s the photo that reminds us of everything. But what do you do with all those jpegs in a few hundred summer shots?

I’m not here to dump the oft-used Insta “photo dump”, or Instagram in general. Personally, I think it’s a good way to collect small moments that are lost over time. You can easily scroll back through the archive.

However research It shows how the number of likes a photo receives can change how we feel about a memory. I look at it more as a “20 like post” than having a great day.

Even if you manage to escape this social pressure (or hide your number of likes), simply storing your photos online is flat. I think it’s time to embrace photo albums again.

How do I create a holiday photo album?

While online platforms have innovated furiously to keep us logged in longer, there have been quiet advances in the physical world of photo books.

For the last few years I’ve been documenting my vacations with a British bookmaker called Bob Books. While carefully compiling your snaps of “Let’s do something silly” from Tenerife, it’s brusque, as if Bob is hiding somewhere, he’s smiling to himself. has a sound

In fact, the team of publishing pioneers is behind it. Not the only company, but I was impressed with the easy-to-use design software and the quality of the finished product. Add captions to your photos and decorative artwork.

For years I have wanted to create my own photo album. For that, I got some beautiful albums made of synthetic leather. But finding the time to select the photos, print them, and start pasting (or covering) was another matter. With our photo book software, just drag your photos into the suggested slots and you’re good to go.

After spending a week on the island, my father made my brother and I “Bob’s book”. Maru Last year, it became a treasure. As an avid birder, there were more distant pictures of Mull. bird life Than I personally included.And here are some very obnoxious selfies of the three of us that I never took Instagram grid.

But that’s part of its beauty as an imperfect record of the week. , make it more impressive.

my mother put together a book to post our holiday Croatia This summer, I found it more fun to give than to receive. Two pages were devoted to the many distinctive Cat of Dubrovnik.

Print your vacation photos on these products

The book, in my opinion, has an unbeatable charm.Turning the page revives the daily flow, making it easier to revive what you like experience.

But it’s not the only option for turning holiday files into household items.

Of course, calendars are also standard. Fridge magnets, mouse mats, and key rings have all been around for years. If you really like a particular photo (or more), you can enlarge it onto canvas as wall art.

But if you haven’t stepped into the print world for a while, you may not know it, but you’re at your limit. You can print almost anything you want to print photos on.

Want to get mugs, mosaic towels, socks, cushions, or tanned face fresheners? The online retailer has them on his Firebox. EatYourPhoto allows you to print your holiday photos onto your cake. Instagram A story in the world of physical photography that lasts no more than 24 hours.

There is something for every budget. Bob Books starts at £16.99 (€19.60) for small landscape books (matte or glossy) and goes up depending on size, pages and cover type. Although more expensive, the hardcover feels perpetually appropriate.

Another inexpensive option that looks fun on the mantelpiece is Boomf’s “Boomf Bomb.” This is a £11.99 (€13.84) Photo Cube card, an ideal (and surprising) gift for your holiday companion.

Do you have a favorite way to store vacation memories? Let us know twitter Also Instagram.