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Things to know before booking

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Demand for wellness travel is high as post-pandemic travel continues to recover. But long before the keyword became a trend, Canyon Ranch invited guests to participate in transformative experiences designed to linger long after their stay.

So, if you want the ultimate wellness vacation, here’s what you need to know when visiting the wellness resort at Canyon Ranch.

What is Canyon Ranch?

In 1979, Mel Zuckerman opened a wellness resort of its kind in Tucson, Arizona. Over the past 40 years, Canyon Ranch has expanded his brand. Today, Lenox, Massachusetts has another wellness facility that just completed a multi-million dollar spa renovation: Canyon Ranch Day Spa in Las Vegas and a new Retreat Center in Woodside, California.

Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Massachusetts.

How can I book my stay at Canyon Ranch?

Booking a stay at the luxurious Canyon Ranch Wellness Resort is like booking an all-inclusive online. However, unlike traditional resorts, you are asked to choose a “path” for your visit. Think of this as a reason to go to a wellness resort. It could be learning about maintaining a healthy weight, living a healthier and longer life, or simply discovering joy and purpose.

Selecting a purpose (as Ranchers calls it) narrows down a long list of available classes, services and spa treatments during your stay. If you’re stuck on your itinerary, consult a Canyon Ranch advisor. Many people do.

The treehouse cabin at Canyon Ranch Woodside had no curtains on the windows, so I couldn't block out nature even if I wanted to.

Onsite advisors are very skilled at planning a schedule to fit your budget and wellness goals. He saw my packed schedule and suggested more “calm” times. So together we reworked our schedule to make room for spontaneous activities and added Ayurvedic treatments to help us relax.

How much does Canyon Ranch cost?


Canyon Ranch will cost you about $900+ per night. Yep, it’s expensive. Rate includes unlimited healthy meals and snacks. So, I definitely took advantage of it and ordered a daily kale smoothie.

All-inclusive benefits include access to daily activities. “Lunch and Learn”, Workshops, Yoga, Hiking, Pilates or Tennis. The list goes on and on. Spa treatments and specialty services starting at $80.

Also, consider Miraval Wellness Resorts, or for a less expensive option, a day trip to Kripalu starting at $125.

Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona.

What’s your Canyon Ranch experience like?

Although standard resort rooms, they are fairly simple and designed for relaxation and tranquility. I was pretty excited to find a humidifier and white noise machine in my room. There is a TV, but I don’t think it is used much. The resort also encourages guests to limit cell phone use, but having two device charging stations in my room was appreciated.