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The Movie, and 9 Other Movies Based on Weird Concepts

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As the Halloween season approaches, many strip malls are slowly being overrun with the familiar sight of Spirit Halloween stores, and movie theaters will soon be invaded by the same cultural phenomenon. Breathing life into it is an unusual concept for a movie, spirit halloween Not the weirdest.

From metanarratives such as Being John Malkovich wacky horror movies such as banana split movie, many flicks fell out of scope when developing the unique premise. Many have tried, but only a few have captured the same zany spirit as the new film.

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Trash Kids Movie (1987)

The growing popularity of the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls in the early 1980s led to a clever series of parody stickers called Garbage Bucket Kids, which inexplicably quickly evolved into a feature film. Young Dodger struggles with his teenage life, but a chance encounter with trash can kids motivates him to face bullies.

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On the surface, trash can kids movie It’s not much different than your average ’80s kids movie, but the inclusion of scary characters completely changed its tone. As a live-action puppet escaping from theaters, it became a nightmare.

Banana Split Movie (2019)

A children’s show popular in the 1960s and 70s, banana split movie, nostalgia turned to horror for unsuspecting audiences. A family attending the taping of a children’s show must flee from the mascot his character who is fussing for blood.

obviously intended to shock banana split movie Outside of that weird concept, it hardly worked. Still, fans of the show had mixed reactions when they saw a beloved character turn evil.

My Name is Bruce (2007)

Being one of the greatest horror actors of all time has its perks, and Bruce Campbell has made a career out of starring in horror classics. my name is bruce It follows a famous actor as he is kidnapped and taken to a remote Oregon town to battle demons.

Playing himself, Campbell was right in his hilarious wheelhouse, and the film cleverly uses that concept for comedy gold. is written, making fun of the kind of typecasting that has plagued actors like Campbell throughout their careers.

Mars Attack! (1996)

Movies are based on books, TV shows, comic books, and many other media, Mars Attack! It was the first work based on trading cards. Bringing the classic Topps series to life, the film follows several groups of Earthlings as the Martians violently invade Earth.

Born in the creative spirit of director Tim Burton, this film goes far beyond its source material. It’s not usually considered his one of Tim Burton’s best films, but it certainly delivered a hilarious punch, with a retro-futuristic aesthetic that no film since then has been able to match. rice field.

Last Action Hero (1993)

All movies are escapism, last action hero Allowing its protagonist to literally do just that. A magical movie ticket has drawn young fans into the world of their favorite action movie, where they must help its star, Jack Slater, stop a dastardly villain.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is perfectly cast as Slater, and he essentially parodies some of his most famous roles. It put a fitting cap on the best ’80s action movies and did so with a clever, self-aware premise.

Real Life (1979)

Although Albert Brooks is probably remembered for his role in broadcast news When finding nemothe veteran comedian has also directed his fair share of profane comedies. real life casts Brooks as a fictional version of himself as he attempts to direct a documentary about a real-life family. In the process, he is forced to become more and more involved in the lives of his subjects, tainting his documentaries.

It is generally regarded as one of the greatest mockumentaries of all time. real life It was unique in that it explored the essence of documentary and raised questions about the foundations of the art form. Brooks is as hilarious as ever, and his ability to effortlessly mimic reality was a brilliant touch both as an actor and as a director.

The Unbearable Weight of Giant Talent (2022)

Longtime Nicolas Cage fans have seen him star in some of his best movies, but he’s also starred in many stinky ones. The unbearable weight of enormous talent It frames its story through the idea of ​​Nick Cage playing himself and getting caught up in the gang of crime lords when it’s revealed that he’s a big fan of the actor’s work.

Teasing Cage’s over-the-top career, the film is also a love letter to the veteran actor who has had his share of ups and downs. He’s become somewhat of a living meme, and the film is well aware of his status as a meta-celebrity who somehow transcends the usual divisions between actors and roles.

F for Fake (1973)

Some of the best documentaries play with narrative ideas, often asking questions about the nature of reality and falsehood. F Fake Documenting the stories of several notable art counterfeiters, the film begins to ask the audience what is real and what is fake.

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The pseudo-documentary, which is essentially Orson Welles’ swan song, is one of the most clever uses of the medium in history. Viewers quickly learn to take everything in the film with a grain of salt and are not afraid to play with their minds until the final frame of the film.

Being John Malkovich (1999)

Spike Jonze’s efforts when it comes to some of the greatest directorial debuts of all time Being John Malkovich is certainly a prominent example. The film follows a lone puppeteer who discovers a portal that allows him to take over the body of the famous actor John Malkovich.

That bizarre premise alone would have been enough to make it a memorable film, but it explores the concept of identity and celebrity even more. Adds another layer of intrigue to the film, as there are very few. The film also famously helped introduce the whole world to writer Charlie Kaufman, and he has continued to outdo himself ever since.

Spirit Halloween (2022)

In an era of nostalgia for the perceived past, spirit halloween A group of young friends tired of trick-or-treating spend the night inside the recently arrived Spirit Halloween store at the local strip mall. conspire to spend

Veteran character actor Christopher Lloyd is on hand to add gravitas to the film, and the bizarre premise is matched by an eerie and playful atmosphere. , it was only natural that the two would eventually collide.

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