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The 10 healthiest movies of all time, according to Reddit

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A wild A24 film released earlier this year, All at once, anywherehas an overarching heartwarming tale about a mother and daughter who just want to understand each other.

Other suggestions for the platform include feel-good movies like Paddington and Pixar classics like WallyThese films often depict wholesome stories while offering important lessons, making them perfect for a relaxing movie night with family and friends. It left a lasting impression on Redditors who are happy to share it with others.

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Paddington (2014)

Streamable on Netflix.

User BitOfACraic starts a discussion on Reddit asking for “the most wholesome movie” because “I need more Paddington in my life”. They describe its title character as “very pure and wholesome and honestly a little threatening” but “in a good way”.

This incredibly popular comedy follows the story of Paddington, whose dramatic transition from the jungle to the city becomes bearable thanks to the caring Brown family. Whether it’s finding a toothbrush or an elevator, it’s fun to watch him learn how to navigate the chaotic urban jungle.

Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989)

You can stream it on HBO Max.

Often considered one of the best Studio Ghibli films. Kiki’s Delivery Service Ranked #1 in so1i1oquy’s ‘Quick Ten’ of ‘heartwarming’ and ‘wholesome’ movies. This will solicit some responses from his other Redditors who wholeheartedly agree with their choices.

The animated fantasy film centers around the protagonist Kiki, a young witch who starts a small business in a new town. A sweet coming-of-age story where you can’t help but fall in love with the characters in the film.

Dandelion (1985)

You can stream it on HBO Max.

Comedy film, widely known as the first “Ramen Western” Dandelion was described by Redditor as a “fun watch” and a “great addition” to its list of the healthiest movies. This quirky comedy revolves around two truck drivers helping a ramen shop owner perfect his recipe.

Along the way, the film features short comedic sketches centered around food, such as a spaghetti-eating class and the story of a woman who rises from her deathbed to cook for her family. However, there are some erotic scenes that are not suitable for younger viewers.

Chef (2014)

You can stream it on HBO Max.

The user’s director correctly says “add”. chefto threats about the “soundest movie” of all time. The film follows chef Karl Casper’s challenging journey from being laid off from his restaurant to fixing up a food truck that serves innovative cuisine. He also improves his relationship with his young son in the process.

A healthy part of the comedy-drama film is definitely the dynamic between the protagonist and his son, which was initially tense due to Karl’s separation from his wealthy wife, Inez. Through his love of food, Carl rebuilds these bonds and also boosts self-esteem.

Hunt for the Wild People (2016)

Streamable on Netflix.

Often cited alongside the best adventure movies of the decade, hunt wild people was described by Jamon25 as “one of the very wholesome movies”. This comedy film depicts the complex relationship that forms between Ricky Baker and his foster father, Uncle Hector.

When an unexpected tragedy drives them both into the New Zealand bush, they must learn to get along to survive and successfully evade the authorities that are after them. The tearful moment is only made better by a genuinely heartwarming scene that highlights Ricky’s desire to be a real family member.

Amelie (2001)

User glory2mankind suggests rom-com Amelie A thread about wholesome movies warns that it’s “slightly more adult, but still charming as hell.” It tells the story of a famous character who strives to make people happy.

Raised by eccentric parents, Amelie works as a waiter in an eccentric Parisian café, where she can enjoy small pleasures while meeting kind-hearted people. It’s inspiring to see her positively impacting those around her while ultimately working proactively for her own happiness.

Anywhere All At Once (2022)

Available for rent on Apple TV.

All at once, anywhere Included in indecisive-squid’s “feel good list” are movies that are “smart, funny, and surprisingly mature” and “great to just feel the emotion.” Evelyn Quan Wang’s quirky film about a dysfunctional family depicts its own wild version of the multiverse rendered in a variety of stunning art styles.

At its core, this absurd film is a family drama that delves into Evelyn’s troubled relationship with her daughter, Joy, who struggles with feeling accepted and loved by her mother. The massive multiverse fades into the background as the film focuses on a wholesome narrative between her two characters.

Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)

You can stream it on Disney+.

Redditor markdavo suggests a critically acclaimed stop-motion animated comedy film. Fantastic Mr. Fox When asked, “The most wholesome movie I’ve seen in a long time.” The film depicts the idyllic life of Mr. and Mrs. Fox, but is quickly punctuated by the hero’s theft and subsequent revenge by her three farmers, Boggis, Vance, and Bean.

When farmers begin to threaten the safety of the entire animal community, Mr. Fox devises an ambitious plan to end their problem once and for all. The whole situation is comical and engaging from start to finish.

Tremors (1990)

Stream with Peacock Premium.

Not everyone’s first choice, but Danimal-Tex is important tremor as one of the “wholesome movies” they’ve ever seen. 1990’s Monster Horror His comedy is often listed alongside his very bad films of the decade, mainly because of its cheesy acting and hilarious visual effects.

This comedy movie follows small-town handymen Val McKee and Earl Bassett as they meet seismologist Rhonda, and the three eventually encounter a terrifying creature emerging from underground. They will soon have to work with the survivors to fend off these monsters that start terrorizing everyone in town.

Wally (2008)

Streamable on Disney+.

Wally Pixar movies are fan-favorite classics for a number of reasons, so they’re rightly included in jtho78’s list of what is considered a “wholesome movie.” Set in a dystopian future, this animated film follows the adventures of the protagonist on a junk-filled planet. His daily life is interrupted by the arrival of a mysterious ship carrying Eve, an advanced robot whom he eventually falls in love with.

The duo’s inspiring journey through space shows all they have to go through to deliver the plant-in-the-shoe to ignorant humans who haven’t yet learned about the old planet. Wally’s endearing experience results in memorable scenes that are still worth watching today.

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