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The 10 darkest meanings in Naruto

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when it comes It takes viewers on a journey full of fun and adventure through the vast world of ninja. Naruto Uzumaki not only teaches viewers how to overcome adversity, but it also adds a goofy personality to the show. when it comes A great balance of comedic elements and battle scenes scattered throughout the anime. However, some of the frequently explored metaphors are when it comes Darker than it appears on the surface.

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These tropes are repeated from start to finish, reminding the viewer that the ninja world is not only made up of suns and rainbows. when it comes Motivates Naruto and his companions to save the world by replacing hatred with love.

Ten The Uchiha clan grows stronger each time it loses a loved one

The Sharingan allows members of the Uchiha clan to foresee movements, copy other people’s jutsu, and bestow powerful genjutsu on their enemies. must endure the mental anguish of Losing a loved one can therefore be an effective way to awaken these eyes.

Additionally, members of the Uchiha clan suffer even more emotional pain in order to evolve their eyes from Sharingan to Mangekyo Sharingan. Uchiha can replace the Mangekyou with his relative’s Mangekyou. Unfortunately, this eyeball transplant led to the relative’s death and caused more emotional distress.

9 Jinchuriki has tremendous power, but is discriminated against because of it.

From Gaara to Killer Bee, many Jinchuriki experience discrimination from an early age. Others see them not as humans, but as beasts trapped within them. , banish it anyway.

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Jinchuriki can utilize the tailed beast’s chakra to greatly improve his fighting abilities, but he struggles to form bonds with other people because he is feared by everyone. Power means having great power at the cost of bonding with others.

8 Ambu turns members into cruel people

Members of the Anbu must carry out the difficult task of assassinating a person. Thus, Danzo, a prominent leader of the Anbu, strives to rid his disciples of their emotions and assimilate them into the organization. Danzo chooses only those who can become docile and cold-hearted pawns.

As a result, characters like Sai struggle to interact with others because they don’t understand human emotions after serving Danzō for years. However, the damage cannot be overlooked.

7 Indra and Asura cannot understand each other, causing future generations to struggle

Indra believes that power keeps the world in order, while Asura believes that love keeps peace. Madara and Hashirama cannot understand each other as reincarnations of Indra and Asura, respectively, and repeat the same mistakes.

As a result, a battle ensues, and villains such as Pain begin to think that the world will never find true peace. It ended the cycle of hatred that had been going on.

6 Prejudice against the Uchiha clan leads to the Uchiha massacre

Hashirama Senju tries to resolve the tension between the Uchiha clan and the Senju clan by creating Leaf Village. First, the village establishes peace between his two clans. However, Leaf Village’s administration rekindles tensions between Uchiha and the other villages.

Danzo and the others suspect that the Uchiha clan plotted to attack the Kyuubi. They believe it’s only a matter of time before the Uchiha clan overthrows the government, so Danzō forces Itachi Uchiha to slaughter his clan. We walked away from the carnage without holding Danzo responsible.

Five Many characters succumb to negative emotions and lose hope

lots of villains when it comes It starts with kind-hearted people, unable to get over their intense emotions, and eventually descends into darkness. Revenge often clouds the minds of these villains, making them lose sight of the possibility of hope.

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For example, Sasuke’s hatred of what Itachi has done to his clan outweighs his love for Team Seven and the rest of Leaf Village, causing Sasuke to drop out of the village and be absorbed by the forces of darkness. Villains fall into a similar trap. Because they easily give in to negative thoughts.

Four Some of the most evil villains are immune

Viewers often hope that villains will be punished or face gruesome consequences for their crimes. Not all villains, though. when it comes They will face the retribution they deserve. For example, Hiruzen, the Third Hokage, knows that Danzo instigated the Uchiha Massacre, but Hiruzen takes no action to reprimand Danzo.

Instead, Danzō remains a powerful figure in the village who continues to rule Anbu. Gaining power, the village has yet to hunt him down to investigate him.

The Nami no Kuni arc marks a point where the story introduces the sad reality of dealing with ninjas.

However, Naruto’s deep words convince Zabuza that ninjas don’t deserve to be treated like tools by the end of the arc. This scene will leave a strong impact on future generations. when it comes The issue of seeing ninjas as tools rather than humans continues to persist in subsequent arcs.

2 Characters manipulating each other for selfish purposes

when it comes It gradually becomes clear who is pulling the strings behind the Infinite Tsukuyomi Project. Pain initially presents himself as the leader of the Akatsuki, but the show later reveals that Obito is the leader of the group. reveals that he has been hiding his identity as the main leader of the

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Obito believes that he works with Madara to perform the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Zetsu successfully uses Madara to revive Kaguya, indicating that Zetsu has always been a villain who dominates other villains.

1 Orochimaru plays with human life to become immortal

Orochimaru believes that the purpose of a ninja is to learn as many jutsu as possible. The problem is the fact that he puts his goals above everything else.

Orochimaru, for example, marks living people with a curse. He has a 1 in 10 chance of surviving the effects of the Curse Mark. Orochimaru also imprisons many people such as Karin and Suigetsu to study his abilities, so everything about him embodies cruelty.

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