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The 10 Best Owen Wilson Movies, According To Metacritic

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Owen Wilson has been on the big screen since the 90’s and has been in the limelight ever since. With his latest film out on his Paramount+, secret headquarters It is sure to impress any Wilson fan.

of secret headquarters, Wilson plays a tough yet charming superhero. Due to Wilson’s strong ties to famed director Wes Anderson, Owen has received many positive reviews. According to Metacritic, these are considered his best films in years under his belt.

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Ten Darjeeling Limited (2007) – 67

Darjeeling Limited A comedy-drama directed by Wes Anderson. Wilson plays the lead role of Frances in Anderson’s underrated film. After learning of his father’s death, Francis and his two brothers decide to take a train trip to India in hopes of rediscovering their brotherly bond.

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Wilson’s performance as Frances, the brother of the main character, is spectacular.In comedy movies, Wilson often finds himself playing similar roles, but here Darjeelinghe really stepped out of his box and showed a different side to himself in this spiritual film. pull in the necessary parts for the .

9 Cars (2006) – 73

car is a Disney Pixar movie about an automobile racing car that quickly gave rise to one of the most successful Disney Pixar franchises of the 2000s. When number one racer Lightning his McQueen has a property damage accident with his radiator springs, he is tasked with fixing everything before returning to the track.

Owen Wilson voices the race car’s main driver, Lightning McQueen. With his unique voice, it’s easy to figure out whose voice the talking car is, but Wilson uses that to his advantage, making Lightning McQueen’s voice memorable. Even without seeing Wilson on screen, it shows audiences that his charm and humor work just as well as the power of his voice.

8 Meet the Parents (2000) – 73

meet my parents is a classic feel-good comedy from the early 2000s. Meeting your partner’s parents for the first time is often a scary situation, but it’s a whole new level for Greg Fokker. There is a problem. Her father despises him.

Owen Wilson plays the role of his girlfriend’s ex-fiancé, Kevin Lowry. Wilson isn’t the star of the film, but he shines in his own way. He’s perfectly comically timed to support his cast of mains and add the elements necessary to make this comedy movie great.

7 Dispatch to France (2021) – 74

Dispatch to France Wes Anderson’s latest release. The film is a collection of anthologies and his three stories, including a prologue and an epilogue. All of this is told in the structure of a newspaper article published in “The French Dispatch”.

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Owen Wilson plays the role of Herb Sainte Sazerac, who builds the world by giving audiences a bike tour of French towns. His role may be small, but he cuts through the film with his compelling personality and quirky storytelling.

6 Royal Tenenbaum (2001) – 76

Royal Tenenbaums is another Wes Anderson film, this time co-written by Owen Wilson. The Tenenbaums family consists of her three estranged siblings, each with their own special talents that they use to their success. However, when they gather to announce that their father is dying, they must learn to get along again.

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Owen Wilson, who plays Richie Tenenbaums’ childhood neighborhood friend Eli Cash, delivers an eccentric performance. With the lyrical writing of Anderson’s work, Wilson provides brilliant dialogue throughout the film, adding special thought to his character.

Five Shanghai Noon (2000) – 77

Shanghai noon A classic Jackie Chan action movie. Jung Wan travels to the Wild West to rescue a kidnapped princess. There he befriends a train robber who agrees to help him. But when they have to survive fighting Chinese traitors, things aren’t so easy.

This action western movie is a step out of Wilson’s comfort zone, complete with intense fight sequences and crazy dangerous stunts that Jackie Chan is famously familiar with. But the unexpected duo, Wilson and Chan, have great on-screen chemistry, providing audiences with a fun and silly time.

Four Midnight in Paris (2011) – 81

midnight in paris is one of Owen Wilson’s most successful romantic films. This romance film that immerses audiences in the streets of Paris is beautiful in many ways. The nostalgic writer finds herself transported back to her 1920s at midnight each day while traveling with her fiancée.

Owen Wilson plays the main character, Gil. His performance as an aspiring writer is down-to-earth and believable, lending depth to his character. It gives a beautiful character that many people want.

3 Unique Vice (2014) – 81

inherent vice A great movie by Paul Thomas Anderson. This neo-noir his-mystery follows private investigator Doc in the 1970s. Doc begins investigating a missing woman who turns out to be his past lover.

Owen Wilson as Coy Harlingen. This stunningly visual and interesting director’s film allows Wilson to simply shine as an actor. The scene doesn’t distract from his performance as it takes the audience on a rollercoaster of emotions within one simple scene.

2 Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009) – 83

Fantastic Mr. Fox It’s a Wes Anderson classic made in the form of stop-motion animation. The story follows Mr. Fox, who is pulled back by his past theft. But when he starts raiding his human neighbor’s farm, he finds himself in a situation that threatens his life.

Owen Wilson has a small role playing Coach Skip. His screen time may not be much, but his time on screen is unforgettable. He gives a humorous and witty performance. In his previous voice acting work, car, Wilson has no problem relying solely on his voice.

1 Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) – 88

The Grand Budapest Hotel It is considered Wes Anderson’s best film to date. The story begins when the writer meets the owner. Grand Budapest Hotel. He describes all the adventures he encountered as a lobby boy under an extraordinary concierge.

Owen Wilson has a very small cameo appearance in the film, playing the role of M. Chuck. In every movie he’s worked with Wes Anderson so far, it’s become expected that Wilson will be on screen in every Anderson project, and he’s shown in one small scene of his. But for fans, it’s fun to see him in another Anderson classic.

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