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The 10 Best Comic Characters Created by Todd McFarlane

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Image Comics is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and Spawn is a great reflection of the legacy of an innovative independent comics company. Todd McFarlane left his comics for Marvel along with other notable creators to create Spawn in 1992, creating an entire universe of characters that remains an important part of the character’s elaborate mythology.

Some characters remain key to Spawn, while others do not. McFarlane’s best comic characters include complex figures like Angela, who is no longer his. Also included is Venom, whose creation McFarlane played a key role in the iconic character’s first appearance, and whose creation many creators have been involved in over the years.

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Ten Haunting

Haunt may remind McFarlane fans of some of Marvel Comics’ most powerful alien symbiotes, including Venom, with his ectoplasmic powers. However, Haunt’s terrifying origins and supernatural focus help distinguish him from many of McFarlane’s comic strips.

co-creation with the walking dead Creator Robert Kirkman, Haunt easily fits into the terrifying world Spawn inhabits by bringing Daniel Kilgore and his late brother together into one being. ask for

9 Cy-Gor

First appearance of Cy-Gor spawn #38, co-produced by McFarlane, Tony Daniels and Julia Simmons. Cy-Gor combines gorillas and robots to create instantly striking and entertaining visuals.

Although the character plays a relatively minor role in the Spawn mythos, sometimes as a villain and sometimes an ally, he consistently creates compelling comic book images.

Most fans will recognize his signature McFarlane Toys action figure character from the 1990s.

8 doctor midnight

McFarlane got his first big break in DC and comics. Infinity CorporationHe helped create the character for numerous titles in the 1980s, including Doctor Midnight. Gold A modern update to his Age character, The Doctor of His Midnight, this character wore a unique costume that showcased MacFarlane’s talent for design and iconography.

She wore an unusual belt and pouch on her legs, at least in the mid-1980s. A similar pouch adorned the superhero.

7 artemis clock

McFarlane co-created Artemis Clock with Roy and Dan Thomas. Infinity Co., Ltd. #34. The daughter of Golden Age characters Sportsmaster and Tigress, she has added her talents to her revamped Injustice Unlimited. She proved to be a compelling villain and occasional hero who continued to land roles in comics throughout many DC Comics reboots, including The New 52.

Fans may also know Artemis from her appearances in many episodes young justice Animated series, one of the best DC animated series ever.

6 Sam and Twitch

Sam and Twitch play a fundamental role in the best games spawn Comic story, first appearance spawn #1. Their ground-level, world-weary perspective perfectly balanced the book’s supernatural extremes, making them fan-favorites and eventually headlining their own series from Image Comics.

New York City homicide detectives Sam and Twitch form the subject of an upcoming live-action series from McFarlane, among many potential projects in the franchise’s development.

Five offender

The Violator is one of MacFarlane’s most original and most disturbing works.he debuts in spawn #2, instantly cementing his place among Spawn’s greatest villains. and stands out for its truly terrifying, demonic appearance.

Violator’s supple and insane demonic appearance is unmatched in comics. spawn.

Four Angela

Angela ranks among the best characters in Thor comics yet to appear in the MCU, despite being co-created by McFarlane with writer Neil Gaiman. Legal troubles between the two eventually forced Gaiman to sell Angela to Marvel, and she now has major roles in both Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy comic books.

Angela’s unique look continues to be a central part of her character in Marvel Comics, a testament to what the armor design gave her when McFarlane first appeared. spawn #8 was iconic from the start.

3 eddie brock

Eddie Brock and Venom started as two separate characters. secret wars #8. McFarlane collaborated with David Mishlin, one of his best Spider-Man writers ever, on the ambitious and stubborn block. spiderman web 18th place in 1986.

MacFarlane gave Brock an intimidating physical presence, later making known Venom’s enormous size, and used his talent for using physical form and expression to portray characters. spawn With characters like Sam and Twitch.

2 Venom

Venom is one of the best Spider-Man villains and one of the most iconic in Marvel Comics. Venom’s massive teeth and disturbing distortions of the classic Spider-Man silhouette embody McFarlane’s trademark. He often takes visual tropes of superheroes and flips them around to create a look that is distinctly his.

McFarlane first portrayed the character in a cameo appearance amazing spiderman #299, although the alien symbiote’s black suit-like component predates Venom by several years. It is implied that many creators, such as, share credit for the character’s complex origin.

1 spawn

Spawn remains McFarlane’s most iconic work. Since his first appearance in 1992, the character’s signature profuse cloak has grown in animation and live-action, and remains an iconic silhouette 30 years later. Spawn’s true visual power lies in the fact that he has spawned many derivative characters, such as his Gunslinger Spawn, the main super hero of his iconic character.

Appearing in the longest-running independent comic to date, Spawn highlights the small empire that includes comics and toys that has established McFarlane as a major force in the comics industry as well as the media.

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