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'Studio of the Future' anchors new MBA in music industry program

Troy University’s Sorrell College of Business has partnered with the John M. Long School of Music of Communication and Fine Arts College to offer groundbreaking programs for students and professionals in the music and entertainment industry.

The Master of Business Administration in Music Industry is one of the few select AACSB-accredited programs that combines 18 semester credit hours in the business field with 18 hours in the music industry. Enrollment for the first cohort is underway and classes will begin in his August.

“In addition to business fundamentals and development courses, MBA students have the opportunity to focus on multiple areas of the music industry, including audio production, film score production, music publishing, concert production, and composition/arrangement,” says Robert W. Smith oversees the music industry program within the John M. Long School of Music.

“The program offers rich content in a unique academic environment that fosters and facilitates connections between music artists and audiences in all artistic and business settings,” he said.

Delivered in the university’s new Flex format, students can choose to attend classes in person, live online, record online, or any combination of all methods.

On the business side, students take classes in economics, finance, management, marketing, and quantitative methods.

Dr. William Neese, Director of MBA Programs at Sorell College, said:

Additionally, for music industry teachers, an MBA is considered a final degree and no further degrees are offered.

“The Music Industry Focused Master of Business Administration is the next step in Troy University’s commitment to quality education and preparing students for lifelong success,” Smith said.

Smith and other students at Long School started the Music Industry program nearly 20 years ago. Graduates of this program are actively involved in the estimated $26 billion music and entertainment industry.

TROY’s music industry program also continues to be at the forefront of the industry. A new mixing room has been added where students can train in a “production facility of the future”, enabling the production of songs and compositions by networked artists from various remote locations.

“We are preparing our students for productive careers now and in the future,” Smith added. “Music and entertainment have been part of our daily lives wherever and whenever there is a human being. His MBA graduate from Troy University is shaping the future of this industry through music, media and entrepreneurship.” , helps to form

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John M. Long School of Music faculty members Kenny Beck, Eric Ward, and Robert W. Smith demo the school’s new mix room, while Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Grammy Award winner Chris Vrena (seated), himself is a college educator and holds an MBA in Music. industry student. (TROY Photography/Joey Meredith)